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Mechquest: Analysis of 2/27/09 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on March 4, 2009

This Analysis done by special guest blogger Zamuel, head of the OoB.

Simply helping out as a guest. I’ll be covering SC exclusive release from Friday which brought about a simple quest and new mecha models.

SC Preview of Lagos (Lagos)

Due to the fact that the full release wasn’t quite ready for a rollout, AE decided to make the Friday release an SC preview of the enemies and backgrounds for the planet Lagos. Similar to Gark, it started with a more cinematic zoom-in intro that showed that this is an aquatic planet. As soon as you land, Prince Robert immediately requests that you aid them in fighting the pirates. After beating 20, you get access to two sets of mecha models.

Having another SC preview is nice and for story reasons it “makes sense” that the seemingly more experienced students investigate the planet first. The intro animation was well done and since this is a preview there really wasn’t much to do wrong. The number of enemies was fair enough for unlocking the rewards and it was very smart of AE to give people a warning message that the tally of defeated enemies was temporary and would disappear upon logout.

A little more warning could have been done about the difficulty since low level players might not be prepared. Plus, while AE didn’t really do anything wrong since they couldn’t avoid it, they did wind up neglecting free players since they had no release whatsoever.

Pretty straightforward preview release 8.5/10

Pirate Captain & War Ram mecha (Lagos)

The two new enemy mecha were available for purchase with the Pirate Captain being for credits and the War Ram available for Nova Gems.

Both look good and play well with a few new specials and revamps of specials we’ve seen elsewhere. It was good that they filled level gaps (though they were rare…) and that SC with either credits or NGs had a solid mecha available. As an added bonus, the Pirate Captain can be color customized.

I actually can’t think of any other than the fact that they are going rare.

Since there isn’t a real con 10/10 


2 Responses to “Mechquest: Analysis of 2/27/09 Release”

  1. Kangi said

    I for one rather liked it. I have played around with the Pirate Mech, and it can dish out some rather nasty damage. I have one more level to get before I can play around with the Pirate Captian Mech, but it looks like it will be as good, if not better than the Pirate Leader.

    I have not had a chance to play with the Ram series, since I only have 30 ng to my name at the moment. But after dealing with it in combat to unlock the mech shop. I am seriously considering purchasing some ng.

  2. Kangi said

    I just got done playing around with the Pirate Captian Mech, and I must say, it is better than the Pirate Leader Mech. Though the only complaint I have with it, is that the damage rates on some of the weapons needs to be a tad bit higher to compensate for its level.

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