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MechQuest: Analysis of 2/20/09 Release

Posted by Zeke on February 25, 2009

This release included a new planet, which added to the storyline before we head to Lagos.


Planet Gark is a small planet, making a short-stop to the full-sized planet, Lagos. Gark is full of bandits and thieves, who will even mug you as you walk by (should you not put up a decent fight, of course). There is a series of bar fights, one of which is a 10-round Energy Fight. Lose one, you lose all. Next up are some suspicious looking bandits, whom have there own special bandit mecha and equipment. After defeating their ringleader, you speak to Prince Robert of the Alteon dynasty of planet Arthuria. His sister, Robina, was kidnapped by the Dread Pirate, Rhubarb! After accepting the quest, you can go to Lagos! …Which is not yet released. However, there ARE some nice rewards.

A few new concepts were introduced in this release: Series of Energy fights, loss of credits after losing battles, and of course, player-suggested equipment setups. The player-suggested equipment setups were “existent” during the age of the Knife and Spork, but the setups were never truly seen. This means that slowly, players will get what other players would like to see. Also, the rewards are extremely powerful, and definitely worth your time. The salvage shop is like a safe haven for higher leveled players, featuring equipment from levels 23-30. The weapons featured specials from damage boosts to DoTs, and all the way to insta-crits and extra hits. These weapons also include Non-SC equipment for each level of equipment introduced, so Non-SCs don’t have to worry about “Oh man, those high level weapons are SC only”

The energy fight series. There are a painful amount of them in a row, and really, unless you have a Nova Gem blade, you might have trouble with Real Life Luck biting you in the back. The rewards were also only for high-mid to higher level players. Lower level players miss out on this one, which seems to be a trend after each level cap raise.

Final Grade of Release
8.5/10. This really wasn’t that bad of a release. A new planet, new storyline events, and a few new concepts. However, the amount of luck involved was painstaking. The release also included very little for lower levels.

There’s my first post for you! How’d you like it?


7 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 2/20/09 Release”

  1. alabamapitty said

    Just one thing, which I added for you. The ‘More’ button inserts a little break in the page, making it where you have to click to read the entire post. Just look on the top bar of the posting options, you can find it easily.

    Excellent analysis. You did everything just the way it should have been. I like the concept of having battles for when you enter an area, it really makes you think before doing stuff. For any who are having a hard time with the energy sword fights, I recommend using the Brute Blade, and the SDF Rebel uniform. It’s glitched so that you have unlimited energy in it. Awesome analysis Zeke, you did an excellent job!

  2. Zeke said

    So THAT’S how you make it like that! I spent like…15 minutes just looking for some button that did it!

    I spent 10 minutes on non-stop energy fights, and FINALLY beat it, after losing nearly 20k of my credits. Should’ve given it a 6/10 😛

    I’ll add the Dropship mini-update to the Friday Release, BTW.

  3. alabamapitty said

    Hmm, dropship? You got me beat on that knowledge. =P

  4. Seriyu said

    I liked the release, the new stuff looks decent, the blade battles went well for me, so the big outrage on the forums was lost on me. I didn’t notice that the equipment was mainly NSC, so that’s good. Looking forward to the rest of the planet, Superhero’s were getting old, admittantly.

  5. Kangi said

    I have to say that I like the sniping muskets. Combined with the Ice Mech series. That can all but destroy an opponent. I tested it out both on the new planet and at the K&S.

    First battle aginst the Headless Horsemech Set up. Bronze Lotus, decapation. First sniper rifle, disabled back shoulder weapon, second sniper. Disabled front shoulder. Third shot, Clinging Bombs, Internal Explosion DoT.

    I let it cycle back around to the snipers agin, and ended up disablling the other arm. Which pretty much crippled the mech.

  6. Zeke said

    I love the concepts of the Short-Range Lasers.

    But their specials never activate for me. Darn.
    The Cutlass is a bit weird…You just stick your arm up and the enemy’s hit.

  7. ZamuelNow said

    Overall, you did a pretty good review. I feel AE really needs to overhaul the Energy Blades system.

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