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New Blogger: Zeke50100

Posted by Zeke on February 24, 2009

Hello! This is Zeke50100, whom you may have seen in United Lore, Order of Balance, or the Battleon Forums.

Before I start rolling out posts, I’ll tell you a bit about myself:

I’ve been actively playing the AE games since Dragonfable Stress-Test (Sometime around 2007) I have been playing AQ casually since 2006, however.

I am members in United Lore, Order of Balance, and, muuuch less actively, Cysero’s Defenders.

MQ is my favorite AE game, with DF not too far behind.

I am a free-player in all of AE’s games (Which could explain my inactive-ness in AQ)

My Character names are: Zeke (DF & MQ), Zeke50100 (AQW)

Primarily, I’ll be posting about Mechquest (At least, that’s what I’ve been told :P)

Well, that’s about it! If you have any questions, either comment here or PM at United Lore.

Oh, by the way, my supah kewl signature is: ~Zeke~ I’ll end my comments (and just about everything AE related) with that. Not blog posts, though 😛


10 Responses to “New Blogger: Zeke50100”

  1. alabamapitty said

    Hello n00b. It’s a pleasure to… Meet you. =P Make sure when you post a blog entry, that it has been posted in a category, and add some tags to it. Look to the right, you’ll see it. Good luck in your endeavors! Glad to have you aboard! 🙂

  2. Zeke said

    …Hello, n00b, yourself XD

    Sooo…Do I have to do the contest? ^^

    And I found the tags and categories. I didn’t know where to put this, though.

    When are you expecting the first post, and on what? o.0

  3. Seriyu said

    Looks like you’re movin on up, look forward to seeing your posts. :p

  4. alabamapitty said

    No contest for you. You’re in. You can have the blog post whenever you have time for it, but don’t wait too long for it. Just whenever. Soon, preferably. And, I would do it on the release of planet Gark in MQ.

  5. Zeke said

    I was actually “formulating” how I would go about the Gark release 🙂

    However, I haven’t personally beaten it…the 10 fights in a row are much too hard, even with the recent nerf, without real life luck.

    I guess that’ll be a big con.


  6. alabamapitty said

    I would use the rebel armor and the Brute Blade from Light’s Blades. Unlimited strong attacks.

  7. Brytz said

    Zeke you are a bit like me. Free player and regularly play all the games. I like DF the best because of the dragons.

    Get Brute Blade and constantly use strong attack. Always works for me. Might help you.

    Good job on making the blog.

  8. Lemmy~ said

    Rats, I wanted the MQ job. Oh well….Hey Zeke, IF i get the DF Blogging job, wanna swich?

  9. simidorl said

    rebel armor has infinite energy? humm is that deliberate or a bug…
    anyways it’s good, so ill use it.

  10. Zeke said

    Pffh, people assume I didn’t even have Brute Blade 😛

    I FINALLY got through it! …And evaluated the release. Check it out!

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