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AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 2/20/09 Release

Posted by 0rik on February 22, 2009

In this release, we are given a glimpse of Shadowfall, Sepulchure’s crashed fortress.



Remember last week’s release, when Drakath made the flying fortress crash? Yeah, this is the aftermath. Sepulchure’s daughter, Gravelyn, has taken the leadership of the Shadowscythe. One of her undead guards has a shop for those of you who chose to be evil (psst… at the moment you can redo chapter 1 and change your alignment), and there is a new quest for members, where you fetch Sepulchure’s armor for his daughter.


There are a few new items in the evil shop, there are 2 new enemies, a new word I’m assuming we will be seeing a lot (chaorrupted), and a new quest. One cool feature that probably normally would go unnoticed is the fact that Gravelyn has different dialogue depending on your alignment (good or evil).


No new items for good people (unless you switch your alignment and switch back), and the quest wasn’t very long. The

Grade of Release: 7/10 Nothing outstanding here really. The release felt more like a big mini-release than a true release, but apparently big releases may be coming every 2 weeks rather than every week.

From the Design Notes:

It seems that is takes us two weeks to put together the quality and size of releases that we want to make for you in AQWorlds.

We’ll just have to wait til next week to see the big release, I suppose.


5 Responses to “AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 2/20/09 Release”

  1. Zeke said

    I switched my alignment to Evil, then Switched back. I now have BOTH Crusader armors XD


  2. Kangi said

    I am rather disapointed that the storyline is not open to all.

  3. simidorl said

    i am confused. why not?

    i am non-member and played it. and if you’re talking about good vs. evil, good will get their own chance to own.

  4. Kangi said

    No I mean the third chapter in the story line. It is members only right now.

  5. alabamapitty said

    Umm… No it’s not? If you mean the confrontation between Good and Evil with Drakath, that was only the reward shop. And if you mean this newest release, that was only the testing of the quest. It will, eventually, be free to all.

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