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MechQuest Suggestion/GBD Forums: Sign Of A New Era

Posted by The Peanut Master on February 7, 2009

Enter MechQuest Forums, Stage III.

Stage I? During the Gamma stages, when the forums looked like AQWorld’s Forum without the option to create threads.

Stage II? The stage we were in only days ago, with simple MQGD, MQ Q&A, MQ Houses GD, MQ Encyclopedia (which was pretty awful, btw), and MQ Bugs forums leading the way.

Stage III? We’re in it right now.

The MechQuest Official Forums underwent a major upgrade this past week when the highly anticipated, long overdue Suggestion Forums, including a GBD sub-forum, were released in smooth, organized fashion. There are suggestion sub-forums for mecha bases, mecha weapons, character weapons/outfits, starship items, game feature/interface suggestions, and a game balance discussion (YAY!). Every forum save for GBD is topic-only, with no replies allowed, similar to the DF suggestion forums.

There isn’t much to discuss regarding this announcement and release, but it’s great to see these forums finally released. I was really worrying the moderation/AK staff was taking too long to release this, but what we got was obviously well though out and brilliantly executed. In fact, because of the strict, organized, and mature structure, it seems to be a major reason why these forums haven’t completely blown up yet. The forums are all very structured and organized, and everything is very under control. It may have taken quite a bit of time, but what came out was certainly a finished product very well-created. I’ve already enjoyed participating in the GBD discussions and the suggestions are looking great. I won’t be surprised if we see a lot of what goes on in these forums to make its way into the game is some form or another. It’s also nice to see blues participating in the GBD discussions and giving his administrative views on the subjects. It shows that he and the staff cares, and that what we’re discussing isn’t going un-looked.

So get your butt over to the MQ Suggestion Forum (especially the GBD) and get posting! 😀


5 Responses to “MechQuest Suggestion/GBD Forums: Sign Of A New Era”

  1. Seriyu said

    Am I incorrect in thinking that DF still doesn’t have a GBD forum? Or have I been missing it?

  2. @Seriyu: Yes, there currently is not a GBD forum for DragonFable.

  3. ZamuelNow said

    Technically, they do have one but only mods can make threads and then players post replies. The only things in it at the moment are DragonSlayer balancing and a Meet the AK thread.

  4. Rayne said

    “Stage II? The stage we were in only days ago, with simple MQGD, MQ Q&A, MQ Houses GD, MQ Encyclopedia (which was pretty awful, btw), and MQ Bugs forums leading the way.”

    I think you forget that the MQ GD usually had several decent threads in it at any given time. Granted most of the relevant posts were confined to two of ’em, but it wasn’t so bad….

    Though, it’s a promising development and I look forward to having many more discussions in the GBD.

  5. ZamuelNow said

    I’m surprised yet quite glad that the suggestion forums have not been spammed to oblivion. Some people have also been posting some pretty cool stuff, too. Plus, having more open conversation in the GBD has been great for the forums and the game.

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