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MechQuest: Analysis of 1/23/09 Release

Posted by The Peanut Master on January 23, 2009

This week’s release saw the permanent addition of one of MechQuest’s biggest and best wars, the war with the ShadowScythe, featuring the Dragonoid.

Dragonoid War Permanent Release


The ultra-popular and ultra-famous Crystal Asteroid War (as its being officially touted as) was turned into a fully-playable quest, in which you fight 10 waves to advance the war storyline, fight the Decimator boss, and watch the spectacular ending cutscene, all staples of the original war. New to the scene is an advanced Rec Room, with a progressing dialogue side storyline advancing throughout the 10 waves you are required to fight. Also, a new level 30 NG Decimator mecha model was released for players to buy, as well as level 28 and 29 hoverscythe models.


Rec Room = New interactivity god. From now on, when I think of NPC interactivity, I will think of the Crystal Asteroid War Rec Room. Period. It’s just flat-out awesome how AE implemented the new and improved Rec Room, and having new parts of the side storyline unlock after each 2 waves is a fantastic idea. The side-plot itself is terrific and engaging, and takes away a lot of the tediousness of fighting 10 straight waves of enemies. The new level 30 Decimator is a great level 30 starter (from what I’ve heard and examined thus far), and its Decimation special with under 25% health left is deadly and a great strategic option.


Err, this was pretty much exactly what came out when the Dragonoid War premiered, with the only additions being a souped-up Rec Room and a new mecha model that was already out as an enemy. VERY underwhelming and almost no substance, and this was obviously a filler release to provide more time for next week’s epic two-part release (Universo + mods).

Overall Grade of Release

7.5/10.┬áDid AE do anything wrong with the Dragonoid War re-release? No, and it was a necessary update that was executed beautifully. The issue was that there just wasn’t much here, and while I respect and acknowledge that they are spending extra time on next week’s mega-release, that doesn’t take away from the little that went on this week.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your own thoughts on the release in the comments section below!


3 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 1/23/09 Release”

  1. ZamuelNow said

    Next week when they move this from the New Release button, the rating might be deserving of a 0.5 boost since they will be (finally) updating C-Mail and they will be adding a minimum level requirement.

  2. Seriyu said

    Wow, that new rec-room is fantastic. I wouldn’t have checked if I didn’t read this.

    Kinda dissapointed that there’s no SC decimator, even if I wasn’t planning on getting one, though.

  3. simidorl said

    this release was, yes, intended as filler, but it was also so new players could get into following releases without not kowing what the hell was going on. i do think it was only an average release… but if they released this without the war i would have thought it was A++ PHENOMENAL. they should have, however, released some weapons for valor badges in this release.

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