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AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 1/9/09 Release

Posted by 0rik on January 13, 2009

Dragonslayer and a quest chain to along with it, as well as armor customization came out!



Dragonslayer, a class that people have wanted for quite a while, finally makes it’s debut in Vasalkar’s Lair, with a quest chain to go along with it! To unlock Dragonslayer, you must complete the 2nd to last quest in the chain, and a shop with various Dragonslayer related items will open up. Enemy types were revealed, as some enemies have an unseen “Dragonkind” tag.


The class is very cool, and unlike Dragonslayer in the other games, it’s actually pretty good against non-dragons! The new quest chain that came with the class also gives rep, making it much easier to rep the class. A few Dragonslayer items were regrouped into a shop, so you don’t have to go hunting across AQWorlds to find the perfect Dragonslayer look.


Dragonkind doesn’t trigger on all the enemies it should. In AdventureQuest, it triggers against Zards and Dwakels, but it does not in this game. Also, it does not trigger against Frost Dragon. The dragonkind list needs to be revised. As of the moment, only ONE area (lair) has dragonkind in it. This makes Dragonslayer a very limited class. Also, the quests to get Dragonslayer can become very tedious, as there is a chance you will disconnect halfway through the quest. 

Grade of Release: 8/10 This release was great, but it could have been much better if the quests didn’t require so many items for each quest, and if the dragonkind list was revised.


Armor Customization


A small amount of classes without skills were changed into costume armors. These costume armors can be equipped over a class, allowing you to use the skills of the original class, with the looks of the costume.  You could be Dragonslayer Twilly, or a TurkeyMage, whatever you want to be (as long as it’s a costume)! All classes except the 2 Pirate classes were renamed to have class added after their name.


Pretty cool feature. If you love the skills of an armor, but just find the looks horrendous, you can equip a costume over it! It allows you to use the looks of the joke armors, but the skills of powerful armors! It gives previously useless armors a use, too… Plus, this isn’t an area, it is a “long-term” release, as it will help the game in the long run, unlike new zones which temporarily appease people.


Dracula Costume (now Vampire), Witch Costume (now Witch), and Pumpkinlord, which were originally supposed to be costumes, were permanently changed into armors, to appease the people who ranked the armors up, who probably won’t even use the armors because there are much more powerful armors out there. The rest of us, however, have to sit here with these carbon copy armors. Plus, there are only about, what, 6 armors? 2 of them are rare, too! They should have had more costume armors ready when they released this. 

Grade of Release: 7/10 This feature wasn’t really needed, but it still did good, and shows a step in the right direction, towards “long-term” development.

Overall Grade of Release: 7.5/10 This was a great release, and had tons of new things, but if it had been refined a little better, it could have been perfect.


13 Responses to “AdventureQuest Worlds: Analysis of 1/9/09 Release”

  1. mike446 said

    ‘Er… I don’t really think they should go through the trouble of revising the list. One, I’ve never really agreed that Zards should be lumped in with dragons, and neither should Dwakel(They’re Draconian “Dwarves” after all.) Two, The Icecave will soon be gone, and there really isn’t a point to change something that is soon destined to leave.

  2. I’m actually against the whole armor-class customization thing. First of all, it’s completely unrealistic to be in a Twilly outfit with fully-ranked Berserker skills. It makes it much more difficult to determine what armor set a player is wearing if they’re being masked behind some silly outfit. You should be able to wear the outfits, but not to mask your true armor.

  3. StJason said

    I disagree. Not so much for the zards and dwakels (who should, IMHO, be lumped in. They are “Draconian” dwarves, after all) but for later implementation, and consistency of bookwork.

    Who is to say that they aren’t going to add an ice area someday? And during that time, there might be ice zards and even the Frost Dragon again. Not to mention that the Draconians will likely make a appearance sometime in the future. Might as well have them already tagged in, no?

  4. simidorl said

    @ penut master:
    why does that matter? you can look at the right hand topscreen if you want.
    and its not like theyres pvp anyways.

  5. ZamuelNow said

    @Peanut: The problem is not the armor/class system but rather the subpar choices available for outfits.

  6. Zeke said

    So, you guys would rather have the customization scrapped, and have normal, useless armors?

    This seems like it’s begging the question…The release could be crap, or it could not exist, therefore being LESS than crap.

    The choice of outfits isn’t really a con. It is the feature in itself that is amazing. I would give the customization atleast a 9. Not a 10, though, because of the…kinks in the system.

  7. Peanut, I must heavily disagree regarding costumes. An armor with no skills is useless and inconvenient. To be blunt, I think the main reason you are all complaining is because you don’t have any of the good costumes. <.< If you had Undead Curse, I’ll bet you would see it in a different light.

  8. alabamapitty said

    I love the costume idea. At last, I can be the court jester I’ve always dreamed of!

    So now now, let’s not bicker. We all know that a beautiful shop full of costumes is coming, and that will undoubtedly change opinions on the matter. I’m sure that we will find a costume that we love. Let’s hope for new mage robes. 😉

  9. *sees mass opposition*

    *runs away*

    Lol, jk, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I feel armor customization is useless, unrealistic, pointless, and makes it much more difficult to see what armors other players are truly using, but I can see why people may like it. I just don’t like it.

  10. StJason said

    I agree with Peanut, for two reasons.
    1) Costumes? Who cares? Really, I could have lived with the game without having giant Twillys running around. Cute idea, but really, they add about as much to the game as… well, the capes. Sure, some are nifty looking, but if they removed them all from the game tomorrow? Well, it’d still be the same game.
    2) This is not the customization I was promised. And for this, I am pissed. In the DNs, Artrix mentioned his armless Paladin armor with shotgun. The implication was that there would be a range of options for each class. I had secretly hoped that they’d fuse the ‘clone’ armors (ie, Barber with Rogue/Renegade, Pumpkin with Warrior…) so you could choose the bits and pieces from each that worked for you. Instead, I could if I wanted make my Dragonslayer look like a banana. Big, frikken, whoop-ti-do.

  11. ZamuelNow said

    While I know you wouldn’t have the option to choose bits and pieces of armors, the lack of selection is the problem. The Army of Darkness parody Paladin is the biggest example. The more pressing issue is female armors. The main reason why the issue of harrassment became a big deal was the inability to to change to a more covered up outfit. If AE gets on the ball and releases a good set of armors then a lot of issues will be cleared up. Or we could all be bananas 😦

    On separate note, I feel Pumpkinlord should have been a real class and not just a Warrior clone but that’s another arguement for another time…

  12. 0rik said

    Hey, they made DS trigger on Frost Dragon now 😀

    Also, where are you guys getting “Draconian” dwarves from? They are Drakel (trigger works on them in AQ as well) dwarves, not “Draconian” dwarves.

  13. Simsonman said

    Dwakel = Dwarf and Drakel.
    AQ DS triggers on EVERY drakel.

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