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MechQuest: Ice Mecha Guide

Posted by The Peanut Master on January 6, 2009

Previous Guides:
Sepulchure Mecha

In the second installment of the Mecha Guide series, I will be analyzing the recently released soon-to-be-rare Ice Mecha series. This mecha was implemented in the Frostval Release Part II, as a reward for beating the quest chain.

Note: While I will be referring to the mecha as the Ice Mecha, this is really just an abbreviation for all 5 of the mechs in this series.

Mecha Analysis

Health: Superb (Average For Level 28 Versions)

The high-level 28 versions are right in the middle of the pack, putting them at the average category. However, for the other 3 level versions, the mecha is at or near the top of the pack (first in level 16 and 24 categories, third in the overly populated level 20 category). I’m sure a lot of readers are level 28 so be warned that the Ice Mecha sets no new boundaries there, but for all other level categories it is in elite status.

Energy: Superb (Above Average For Level 28 Versions)

This time, the level 28 versions are good enough to attain above average status, while the other versions continue to mightily impress with fantastic energy counts.

Energy Regeneration: Bad (Average For Level 28 Versions)

The level 28 versions are just like most of the other same-leveled counterparts, although all the other versions lack mightily in this category, finishing at or tied for last in this category.

Bonuses: Average

Finally a category all of the versions can agree on. 😛 A 60 immobility resistance is nothing to scoff at but puts it near the middle of the pack for the bonuses section.

Overall: Above Average (Average For Level 28 Versions)

The level 28 versions, as expected from each aspect of the mecha, is just plain old average for its level category, with nearly all of its qualities approaching no new boundaries but reaching no new lows either. The lower-level versions fare much better, especially in the health/energy compartment where they both thrive, with only an ugly energy regeneration and so-so bonuses keeping it a notch under elite status.

Weapon Analysis

Front/Back Arm – Subatonic Ice: Average

The damage is within normal ranges, as with all the default weapons on this mecha. While lowering immobility resistance by 40 for 2 turns is nice, without a finishing blow with this weapon (possibly similar to the trophy weapons), the lowering isn’t as potent, and while 40 is good, it’s nothing special. The guaranteed critical on the fourth hit adds to this weapon’s depth, although considering the hit only does quarter damage, that critical only ends up doing a little more extra damage than normal.

Front/Back Shoulder – The Dreadful Gift: Above Average

Here’s a nice straightforward weapon for you. A simple 50% chance of doing 40-80% extra damage. This is nothing to scoff, and considering the 50/50 coin toss, using this weapon will give you an average output of 130% damage, much better than normal. Having two of these equipped on you only increases the bloated damage-dealing ability. There are definitely weapons out there with the capacity to do more devastating effects damage-wise (either through DoT or more bonus damage), but this effect is definitely one to mess with, especially with buffs applied beforehand.

Head – Ice Armor: Superb

The Ice Armor is a very potent weapon with some excellent effects extending beyond damage. Sure it has a nice condensed, but still high, damage range, but this weapon really shines with its effects. Just having the chance of +40% defense for 5 (yes, 5) turns is magnificent, but tacked on to a chance of stunning the enemy for two turns is even crazier. You can increase your damage differential by 200% by stunning, or increase your defense by approximately 200% by activating the buff. There’s a good shot at at least one of these effects activating, and it’s a great option to start battles off.

Body – Silver Lotus: Average

This weapon, in addition to solid damage, has two effects, of which one can be activated depending on what kind of enemy you are facing. If you face an enemy with cooldowns, you will have a chance to permanently disable its head weapon. If you face an enemy without cooldowns, you will increase your critical chance by 50%. The critical special is better because it’s basically a 50-50 shot at 200% damage, amounting to an average of 150% damage every time it activates. The head disabling is nice, but even with it, it’s still very difficult to force an enemy to skip a turn for not having a weapon without a cooldown. Overall, when averaging the two specials, it gets an average grade.

Overall: Above Average

A fantastic head weapon is what makes the Ice Mecha shine, and combined with solid front and back shoulders, multiple opportunities for extra damage, and a great stunning combo, you get a snazzy little holiday mecha with some interesting weapons to work with.


With four out of the six weapons having effects based on what kind of enemy you are facing, in addition to one key combo that only needs to be used against an enemy with immobility resistance, there isn’t one be-all end-all strategy that will get you through everything. Depending on which specials will activate and what kind of immobility resistance the enemy has, you should use different weapon firing strategies to achieve maximum potential. This mecha is one of the most situational in the game, and there is no way for me to pinpoint one specific strategy to use. Therefore, the strategy I am listing below is based off of the kind of strategy I feel you will use most: Against an enemy with immobility resistance, attempting to do maximum damage (through buffs and extra damage specials). So without further ado, here is the strategy:

  1. Front/Back Arm – Subatomic Ice
  2. Head – Ice Armor
  3. Front/Back Shoulder – The Dreadful Gift
  4. Body – Silver Lotus
  5. Front/Back Shoulder (one you haven’t used yet) – The Dreadful Gift
  6. Front/Back Arm – Subatomic Ice

Now the explanations:

  1. (Note: If the enemy does not have immobility resistance, try to avoid using Subatomic Ice as its special does not effect the opponent. Use the Ice Armor to start off instead.) Subatomic ice should be used against an opponent with immobility resistance to (hopefully) put it in stunning range for the next attack. The special doesn’t always activate, but a 50/50 chance is good enough to try.
  2. Even if Subatomic Ice’s effect doesn’t activate, use this weapon nonetheless, as you may have an outside chance at a 2-turn stun, or activate the deadly defense boost. This is the class of the mecha and should be used ASAP.
  3. At this point, whether you got the stun, the defense boost, or neither, you will want to maximize your damage, and this is one of the most reliable weapons to do so.
  4. Again,  more damage is the main priority now, and while disabling the head is a nice effect, what you should really be gunning for is the critical special, which is very powerful if activated.
  5. At this point, you should be fairly deep into the battle, so just using what you have available is the best option. Your remaining front or back shoulder weapon should be the option here.
  6. You should have just your front and back arm available now, and considering they are the same weapon, fire this one up and hope it does the damage it’s supposed to, since the special won’t do anything at this stage.


The Ice Mecha has fantastic base stats (except for the level 28 versions, where it is pretty average), and weapons whose strategies are based off of what kind of enemy you are facing. This mecha equipped with just defaults is powerful against some enemies, but can fall behind against others. When combined with other stunning-oriented weapons, the Ice Mecha can become an incredibly powerful mecha, and its damage-boosting effects help immensely in that category as well. Thanks for reading the second edition of the Mecha Analysis series. Stay tuned for number 3! 🙂


4 Responses to “MechQuest: Ice Mecha Guide”

  1. mechquestlord said

    PAH! there is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more stuff and mechs out there to spend creds on! honestly there is. read if you are a staff member on mq. could you tell artix to make an overpowered doom mech like the warbear aegis and mohawk rolled into one and call it something like superdoom hammer with a gravity hammer front arm with stun, dot and bot affects PLUS a 50 % chance of overkill(another auto critical hit)?

  2. lemmy7003 said

    We are not the staff.So none of us know Artix personlley.

  3. mechquestlord said

    oh. still it was a nice idea. also if anyone has any sense they wont buy (have bought) the ice mech because the displayed combo is only good against unecquipped imobility resistance. ecquipped mechs without immobility resist and no head weapon can smash the ice mech. the start mech for example with a flamethrower and shoulder ecquipped with same stats (no stun resist and leveled) are better. also the ice mech is overshadowed by newer mechs like the falcon and the bc shadowwarrior (spot the joke) and the shadow behemoth and the shs trog (yes they are usable if you have ngs and/or have 100 medals of honour) and the @$$^%$#^#ing warbear. also when i first joined i was able to persuade my dad to get me ngs. then after mogloween(haloween) i got the lvl 30 authrian ram. im currently lvl 29 tho and that meens i cant access my best mecha (you know what) but i have loads of ngs. if you are like me who got L—O—A—D—S of power stat and boost and you are sc lvl 29+ try battling id 1234 it isnt mine and try 6453753 as well its mine. if artix visits this than see first comment ever. bye

  4. mechquestlord said

    im lvl 30 now and i got the lvl 28 ng ice mech with gift freeze rays and it is now been renamed (my one) the ice-skaters deathgift (yes it sounds dumb but try to beat my mech)! please note that my mech is the thing being faced NOT CONTROLED BY ME! if it was you would be crying over your head weapon first round then get annoyed by only doing half dmg. also you would be pounded by missiles then find it much harder to hit as ice armor takes hold. then you wont like only doing hald dmg again and maybe less. then you might get stunned and smashed by missiles then the grand finale… …SILVER LOTUS!!!

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