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Dragonfable January 1 Release Analysis

Posted by Chickencowlord on January 6, 2009

I suppose technically I should have the Frostval one up first, but that one is going to take a while, and I’m going to try to stay ahead of things as much as I can at the moment.

PvP: Updated


PvP was recently updated with new shops for higher levels. There was also a small update in that there is a lvl 31+ option now.


Now all those who took the time to get to Grandmaster Duelist Finally get a reward. Also makes it easier for higher levels to get trophies.


Well, none, actually. 😛

Score: 10.0/10. It was a small update and all, but there certainly was nothing wrong with it. So I suppose you could call it perfect. 😀

 New Years: Rares


New Years rares are out including a special Frostval house. All the rares are weapons centered around drinks. Warrior weapon is Cham PAIN, Mage Weapon is Corkpopper, and Rogue weapon is the RAZE A Glass. (xD). The Frostval houses look somewhat like bigger versions of the huts in Frostval.


The weapons are Wood, which no enemy is resistant to and wood is a bit underused as well, so this helps balance out the elements somewhat.


While wood has nothing resistant to it, there also isn’t an enemy weak to it either. Every single New Years item is DA, meaning Non-DAs get nothing. Frostval houses really aren’t that great looking.

Score: 8.0/10. It has its flaws, but it still serves as a good release for rares, and the descriptions are downright hilarious for weapons.

Victoria’s Secret: Sir Ano Finale

About (WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!)

This is, as implied, the finale to Sir Ano’s Quest chain. The King is coming to Oaklore, and Sir Ano wants to win the heart of one of his daughters. But first, he tells you of a gang of bandits that need to be stopped. You find the bandits, fight through them, but when you get to a particular group of the bandits, they recognize Sir Ano. Sir Ano plays along and tells them that he needs to see their leader. They direct him there. You learn that the bandits are planning to kidnap one of the Princesses, and Ano reveals his true identity, and foils the plans of the bandits by…well…killing them. :/ You arrive back at Oaklore, where you have a feast with the king. You recognize Princess Victoria as Robina the Hood and point this out to the king. Sir Ano is quick to cover up for Victoria though, by making an explanation that giving gold to monsters helps the economy.


The quest brings back some old monsters as well as a few new. At the end you get a reward shop with a range of weapons doing Poison damage. The quest has a lot of plot relevation, and is of pretty good length. The quest is also pretty hilarious. xD


The revelation seemed a bit quick, and the King’s reaction was a little unrealistic, too. But this is really just my opinion, and I won’t let it cause too much damage to the score. 😛

Score: 9.0/10. Sir Ano’s quest chain ended pretty strongly.


Overall Grade of Release: 9.0/10


One Response to “Dragonfable January 1 Release Analysis”

  1. Arikromus (Cyouni) said

    Slight mistake:

    The weapons are DA, instead of Non-DA as stated.

    Otherwise, good. I particularly liked the revelation.

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