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Dragonfable: Taking Combat to the Next Level Part I

Posted by Chickencowlord on December 23, 2008

Since I won’t be doing the Frostval analysis yet, I offer this in its stead. Dragonfable has seriously obsolete combat when compared to some other RPGs. Here, I will list a few ways I think it could be improved and issues I see with it. Take in mind that some of these are pretty major and would require lots of work to do. But right now, DF is all about raw damage, not strategy. That needs to be fixed.

Mana Power (MP)

Currently, every monster in the game has mana, but only 2-3 monsters in the game actually use it. The only monster that uses mana in a pattern is the Deft Minx Fairy. The others just seem to use it as they attack. In addition to this, every base class has a mana strike ability that is rendered useless because so little monsters use their mana. Also, much to my disappointment, there has yet to be a permanent monster that can harm your mana, which would add much more strategy for higher level players. However, there was the Shadowhound in the Friday the 13th War that could attack MP. I congratulate AE on doing that, but I think we need a few permanent monsters too. The solution to both of these problems? Simple.

Monster Abilities

What if monsters had unique abilities they could use in battle? It could be as simple as doing extra damage to more complicated things like lowering your stats or raising their’s. And of course, all of these abilities would cost MP. AE has done this very minimally with a few monsters that stun you, but I think much more could be done. Imagine the strategy we would have to use if monsters could take away the precious MP that fuels our skills. Normal monsters would only need 1 ability, and bosses maybe 2-4 depending on their power. What if the monster could boost its own damage for a few turns? What if we could?

Status Effects

Most of the current status effects in the game are negatively effecting. Why should we be limited to hurting the monster when we could help ourselves? There is a very minimal damage boost skill on some armors, but I would like to see more skills like the Curse effect on DK. Not all of them necessarily being a sacrifice. Imagine a damage boost skill without a cool down. You could defend, than stack it up while you were safe, then go in with a devastating strike that would make those two turns all worth it. In edition to this, monsters could do virtually the same thing. However, what if one of our skills would remove all positive status effects? We could make all of their building up go into nothing. And a few monsters would be able to do that to us too, of course.

A True Defense Stat

Currently the defense stat just makes it morelikely for us to block the enemy. I say this isn’t enough. Much like Perception in MQ, we could have a stat that reduces damage done to us. And the enemy could have it to. We could lower theirdefense and them our’s. There could be an enemy with high defense, but only about 10 HP or so. It would add all sorts of possibilities to the game.

Buyable Spells

I admit, I completely stole this idea from AQ. If you read everything up to this, than you know I mentioned alot of skill ideas. Instead of making new armors as the only way to get new skills, I propose AE should have buyable spells/skills like in AQ. Perhaps even allow base classes to equip skills into slots. You could really customize your class and make it right for whatever strategy you’d want to use.


That is all I have for Part One of this series, it may be a while before I have another batch of ideas for part 2. But I promise Part 2 will be coming.


14 Responses to “Dragonfable: Taking Combat to the Next Level Part I”

  1. Zeke said

    So…you want a new AQ?

    I like the Monster abilities idea. However, buyable spells could make the game too much like AQ; A huge gold farm, just to get 1 uber spell.

    There could be certain classes that allow the USE of spells, though. Such as, a “Spell” skill, which uses a certain magic when you equip a certain item, much like the Materia function of FFVII, or (to a certain extent) the junction system of FFVIII.

    Defense stats = big win for the game. It’s needed.


  2. Zeke, that sounds good. I have a few things I bet you’ll really favor planned for part 2. The spells would not be uber damage, however. They would be effects: Raise defense, lower enemy’s, and the stuff I mentioned. I wouldn’t just want a DRKNEZZ spell doing 99999999999 damage. But that is probably what we would get. 😦

    I have a few ambitious things planned for part 2 that you will surely love being a FF fan.

  3. Michael dragon rider said

    Your right, more monsters should be using mp, so the game would challenge your brain.

  4. alabamapitty said

    Excellent ideas O magi of bovine! I prefer the buffing of offense and defense for your enemy, as they hit entirely too hard now. That’s the only way DF has attempted to make harder enemies, by giving them more health, and making them harder-hitting. We definitely need more enemies like the Deft Minx Faerie, the Frost Mushrooms, and Gary the Elf. Opponents that are ahead of the curve. I urge you to take this to the BoF, just to see what response we get. True, there will be childish ones, but hopefully the wisdom we have will prevail.

  5. I considered adding it as a suggestion, but I would have to reword it so it sounds more like data than an article.

  6. 0rik said

    Equippable skills are awesome!

  7. ZamuelNow said

    Frost Mushrooms just seem like the Dodge equivalent of high HP but I get your point.

    I actually feel that the base armors are in need of mild tweaks but it’s more of needing to tweak/revamp everything else in the game as opposed to the armors themselves.

    Still, I think more armors should act like Pirate and Ninja in that the base class affects the skills it gets. It gives more weight to picking the base class than just whether a sword or staff should be used.

  8. Zeke said

    @CCM: That sounds good XD …How do j00 know I’m an FF fan?

    @Zamuel: True in all aspects of your post. Base classes should be given more weight, not just a “Oh, I don’t like my base class…oh well, Dragonlord is bettah!”

    I live for the day DF has monsters that can cast magic against you.

    I also live for the day I can customize my skills. Possibly a “custom” class?

  9. ZamuelNow said

    While buyable spells could be pretty cool, I have a feeling that they’d wind up breaking the engine pretty hard. That or people would only want “RAWR DAMAGE!1!1!” spells.

    Also, DF needs to revamp enemy stuns. Unlike MQ, you don’t continue to cooldown your skills while in stun.

  10. Hm…I’m thinking something like the Geekatron in MQ. Nothing at all…and you equip skills on it. It would be more like replacing useless skills than buying better ones, hopefully. And Zeke…I kinda figured since you mention it so much…

  11. mike446 said

    ‘Er… good ideas? I still think that all of DF’s problems would be solved simply by changing its name to “Mike-Fable”; and centering all game play around me. Sort of that, these seem like pretty good ideas. It might allow me to spend all this useless gold I’ve amassed on something. As to monsters… it would be interesting if the staff could implement a primitive AI system in the monsters that allowed them to react to your different moves. Of course… that would be insanely difficult to do… probably.

  12. Sir Dorigo III said

    I dont know how hard, and I know it would be tedious(For the designers) after a while. but what if each monster had lets say 7 skills.
    (Stun, shield, crit, damage boost etc.) After we use a skill the monster is programmed to use a skill to nullfiy ours. So if i use damage boost, then he’ll use defense raise. this could be interesting

  13. ZamuelNow said

    The monsters don’t really need seven skills, just two would be fine. With proper MP use and/or cooldowns this will add more strategic battles without making them overwhelming. We don’t want the monsters to be able to counter EVERYTHING but giving one a shield, then another the ability to heal, and then another with a berseker rage (all of which are in the game already) will give the game more depth.

  14. Zeke said

    Two skills would be great. A Boss could have several skills, and have AI, too…Counter attacks, Stuns, Skills that are used after a “trigger skill” *is reminded of the Ruby Weapon’s Ultima after using Knights of the Roung* And also, healing…

    @Mike: Well, Zeke-Fable would be great, too. You start off as an engineer, and slowly work up to Technomancer…

    @CCM: Oh…hehe….


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