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DragonFable: Analysis of 12/12/08 Release

Posted by Chickencowlord on December 22, 2008

Since my thoughts on the house items are all in all the same as last week’s, I won’t be including them in this analysis. Also, yeah, I go by Chickencowmancer now. More individualized ;). Geez, I need to stop being late.  Stupid Frost Moglin armor made me not finish it yesterday. 😉

Dragesvard Finale! (Aisha Titan Fight)


The Dragesvard chain is coming to a close just as Frostval is about to start up. After several days passing without anybody coming back from Olaf’s party, we get invited. Galanoth tells you that Olaf’s parties are legendary for their greatness and you should be very honored to be invited. You arrive to find everyone in town frozen in Olaf’s pool. Somebody had the bright idea of swimming in a city of ice. You ask where the invitation came from and suddenly Aisha appears. She demands a rematch without her being weakened. You have no choice but to reveal to Galanoth that you are a Dragonlord. He replies saying that if a good dragon exists at all, then you would train it. You proceed to a titan fight with Aisha. The only special attack she has changes your element to Ice (thus your attacks heal her). After the battle, people are back in town. It is like Frostval in that people talk without a cutscene.


This is probably the best part of this week’s release :). The titan battle is pretty well balanced, not being too hard or easy. The plot relevation is pretty good too. Though Galanoth taking you being a Dragonlord so easily after declaring so much hate for them is a bit odd. The Titan’s special forces people to use defense and regen abilities, taking away from that linear Burn Mega strategy too. But the real gold of this release is the result at the end. As Zamuel and Peanut said a while ago, AE games are lacking unimportant NPCs that give the game a feeling of more life. Having all these people in Dragesvard is a HUGE step in the right direction concerning that issue.


Well, Titan fights in general are a bit lengthy and sometimes boring. Besides that, nothing.

Score: 9.9/10 This release is near perfection. But perfection itself is impossible. 😉

Nythera’s “Potion Brewing” Quest/Minigame


This week Nythera has a new quest in her chain. Although it is more of a minigame than a quest. You have to help Nythera make a “potion” with the ingredients you have gathered. You do this through a minigame. The shelves are completely full with ingredients, and you don’t need to use them all. The ingredients glow in the order you use them and you must pick them in that order, smillar to the Potion Training minigame, but this is a bit more challenging.


Well, it is good to see Nythera’s chain is still progressing and won’t be doomed to lie with the other “Coming Soon” DF things. I think the difficulty of the minigame is just about right, not being so hard you want to bang your head on the monitor, but not so easy it feels like a boring chore.


This release was really quite small. No matter how you look at it, minigames aren’t really a substitute for a good real quest.

Score: 7.0/10 It isn’t horrible, but it isn’t anything too special either.

Sir Ano’s Next Quest (Finding the Wizard)


Sir Ano’s chain continues. This time it is a spoof of the Wizard of Oz. Sir Ano notices you had Warlic to help you in your adventuring, and he wants to have a trusty mage sidekick too. He heard about a very powerful mage far away. You must help Sir Ano find him. You start the quest at the beginning of a yellow brick road, which you must follow. There weren’t actually any new enemies, but there were new names for Doomwood Trees (the Angry Apple Trees). On your way, you encounter a Witch that you must battle. After many battles, you finally arrive at the Wizard’s green marble home. It seems that he isn’t home. Sir Ano looks behind a curtain for him. The curtain shuts very quickly after Sir Ano opens it, but you get a glimpse of a very, very, very tiny creature behind it. Suddenly the Wizard appears. Sir Ano asks for advice, but the Wizard accidentally gives him villain advice instead. You tell Sir Ano you don’t think this is quite the right kind of wizard for him, and you leave.


This release was pretty hilarious. A Wizard of Oz spoof was long overdue for AE games. They have spoofed practically every other famous movie except it. The quest is pretty good for exp, too.


A bit lengthy even by Sir Ano quest standards. The quest gets repetitive fighting the same two monsters over and over and over. None of these monsters are truly new monsters, either.

Score: 7.5/10 Probably the most bleh quest in Sir Ano’s chain.


6 Responses to “DragonFable: Analysis of 12/12/08 Release”

  1. ZamuelNow said

    Actually, I found the Titan fight depressingly easy but the cutscenes and the uniqueness of the special skill more than make up for it.

  2. Maybe I just suck at titan fights. 😦

  3. lol said

    you know there is a new thing bout warlic dieing it says nythera chain how do i start it

  4. simidorl said

    not usually one to rant but how can i get a picture for my posts?
    do i have to make a wordpress account?

  5. @Simidorl: Yes, you have to create a WordPress account to get an avatar next to your comments.

  6. simidorl said

    …and i now have an account, setting things up ATM.
    Thank you T.P.M. for the advice.

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