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MechQuest: Analysis of 12/19/08 Release

Posted by The Peanut Master on December 21, 2008

This week’s release introduced MechQuest’s first edition of FROSTVAL!



This year began MechQuest’s first real Frostval special event. For the holiday, we get to travel to the farthest inhabitable planet out there (besides the ShadowScythe’s base), Planet Thoh. This planet is pretty much just a big spoof of Star Wars, starting with the name, opening cutscene, and multiple references throughout the zone. Dr. Kringle has taken refugee in Planet Thoh to hide from the ShadowScythe forces. Why, you ask? Well, this man has “The Gift”, which allows him to literally teleport to any dimension. The ShadowScythe want access to this gift, and are after Dr. Kringle to get it. The SS, led by Shadow Claws, are invading Planet Thoh with seemingly impenetrable numbers, and it is up to us to stop them from invading town and getting their hands on Dr. Kringle.

This is a fully-functioning zone, with multiple walkaround screens. Dr. Kringle has his own little wood house, and there are three other screens with houses, housing an NPC will the ultra-famous gossip engine powering them up. The farthest-right screen is where all the action is, where you meet Odessa and Sys-Zero, along with multiple soldiers in the background. This zone has a full-blown quest chain already attached to it, with a total of five quests (three as part of the main all-player quest chain, a special Star Captain quest which gives access to the holiday presents, and a random holiday battle). There are also some new wintery ShadowScythe enemies with which to dispatch on our missions.


This was actually a pretty massive release, once you think about it. I love the storyline so far, and the multi-part quest chain was well executed. The Star Captain quest is extremely fun and unique, and incorporates a minigame and battles all into one. The NPC interactivity is in full throttle here, with multiple random gossip generators littering the frosty planet. The whole planet was well-made, and the wintery season is represented well. The new Frostval ShadowScythe enemies are, as seemingly always, amazing enemies to fight against, with unique attacks and specials, while also inhabiting the Frostval spirit. This week’s starter release sets us up perfectly for an epic finale next week.


This is no doubt because of the extra time needed to create all the new quests, but there were no rewards to speak of in this release. Sure, I may be happy because I won’t fall further behind in my Ultimate MQ Spreadsheet To-Do List, but the lack of rewards is a bit of a downer, especially for Frostval. It is nice to know they will be coming next week.

Overall Grade of Release

9.0/10.ย For the first ever MechQuest Frostval release, AE did an excellent job, creating a thoroughly enjoyable and healthy Frostval experience. The lack of any rewards is what holds this release back a bit, but besides that all the pieces were there: A deep and not-so-short lineup of multiple quests, a fully explorable and interactive new planet, amazing new enemies, and a fantastic storyline make this Frostval release a fun one to play through.


6 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 12/19/08 Release”

  1. Arikromus (Cyouni) said

    It lacks rewards partially because the boss stole them all…

    And because we haven’t done anything particularly worthy.

  2. I know this is a bit nitpicky, but technically this is the second MQ Frostvale. Last year’s was just snow in Soluna and a shop, but they still did say happy Frostvale. This is the first Frostvale EVENT in MQ, but technically not the first Frostvale. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. “first real Frostval special event”

    I thought that did it justice, it’s the first “real” Frostval with an actual “event”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. adam said

    i loved the star wars intro

  5. ZamuelNow said

    The MQ team continues to do an excellent job on the game. The return of the Gossip Engine was a nice touch.

  6. 0rik said

    Now that the rewards are out, it’s even better now!

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