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Dragonfable Release Analysis: December 5th, 2008

Posted by Chickencowlord on December 9, 2008

See the war analysis for a complete review of the war! I won’t be including the boss in this post because it is in that one.

New House Items


This week several new house items were put into the Dragesvard house item shop. Some for gold, most for DCs.


These new items are quite possibly some of the best in the game thus far, having some pretty fun side effects.


Nearly all the items cost DC. If they have another house contest, us without DCs are screwed.

Score: 6.0/10 A nice edition, but most of it is DC-only, and house items occupy time for all of 3 seconds.

Dragonslayer: Training


The finallized Dragonslayer armor was released. I would list all the changes and whatnot, but I haven’t fully trained it yet. As AE said before, this class training is different from that of every other class. Glanoth lost some magical stones which have since been drained of power by dragons that stole them. He would like for you to regain these stones through gambling with the Dragons. You have to fight your way through the line, then roll for a stone. Bonuses to the roll are based of luck and bribing the dragon with Ice Dragon scales. Each stone is worth one Dragonslayer skill.


There is a good variety of monsters with different weaknesses. And the Dragonslayer armor is available (though limited for non-DAs, as always) for everybody now! It also uses this new system while still making good use of the Dragon scales we had collected.


This quest is rediculously long and gets very edious iif you do it several times. You aren’t guaranteed to get a skill every time you try, making it even longer.

Score: 8.0/10 While it is a good idea, the quest involved is simply too long.

Showdown With Aisha


This is it! The final showdown with Aisha! To do this quest, you must complete the war fight with Gary and the General. After which, Galanoth tells you fighting Aisha will be no easy task. You tell him that you….uh…KNOW a few Dragonlords and they aren’t all bad. Galanoth thinks this is blasphemy, but doesn’t argue too fiercly, never meeting a Dragonlord (and knowing they were a Dragonlord). Galanoth tells you that you will have to try to trick Aisha into fighting in her elf form. Your trick miserably fails, and she fights in her dragon form. She begins to eat Galanoth, who recently made armor from Dragonsbane. This weakens Aisha and you have a showdown. The battle is reletively easy.


The quest has quite a bit of plot relevation, and I can’t wait to see how they implement a titan fight and Galanoth finally sees you are a Dragonlord. The quest is good and short with mainly dialogue.


For a final boss, the battle is really easy. I barely had to use any strategy at all. I suppose this may be to amplify the fact that the dragon was weakened, but nonetheless…

Score: 8.9/10 While too easy, the quest still manages to hold up reletively well.

Overall Grade of Release: 8.5/10 This release wasn’t all good to go without DCs, but it was still packed with content.


3 Responses to “Dragonfable Release Analysis: December 5th, 2008”

  1. ZamuelNow said

    Aisha does have a more powerful attack but she very rarely uses it. They need to increase her chance of using it to make her more formidable (especially with the buff to Dragon Poison).

  2. Might you tell me exactly what this attack is? ;). I fought the entire battle without any such thing.

  3. Kangi said

    I know for a boss, she was some what of a let down. Her Titan battle was also a major let down. Though she never had a chance to use her breath heal attack on me. Since after being fed up with the war by the time she became avaliable, I switched over to the cca with firelock. Yes I know, cheap. But I did not feel like prolonging my suffering any more than I had to.

    Now graphics wise, I did enjoy her. On the Titan battle, she used her breath conversion attack on me, so instead of attacking and healing her I simply activated scale. When she used it upon me once agin, I activated regain. The third time she used it on me, I used coil.

    As for the house items, I do not like this resent trend in DC Items that are flooding the market. To me, the sheer number of DC items seems to devalue the Dragon Amulet, and Dragon Lords. Why bother buying a Dragon Amulet any more? Just buy some Dragon Coins and you are set.

    What do I mean by that? It is rather simple. The DC items are the strongest items in the game, and I can understand that. But they are also open to every one assuming that you buy the Dragon Coins, or get lucky and win a forum contest.

    I personaly think that the DC items, well the higher leveleds ones that is, should be strictly DA only.

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