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Dragonfable: War Analysis – Dragesvard War I

Posted by Chickencowlord on December 7, 2008

I will be trying something new called a war Analysis. I will be reviewing each and every aspect of the war. This is a test run, so if you have any suggestions feel free to put them in the comments section!

The Dragesvard  War


Monsters (And Waves)


There is a nice variety of sizes of waves and monsters in them. One new monster is featured in this war (Frost Drake). The monsters have strong elemental weaknesses, and 2/3 are dragons, making the war go lightning fast with Dragon Slayer armor and a fire weapon


There are only 3 monsters, and only one is new. The monsters aren’t all that great as far as art, and are pretty boring to fight for more than 1 turn. The Ice Elves really slow down gameplay for those using DA Armor.




This is quite possibly the climax of the entire Dragesvard Saga. This is the big battle against the army.


There really isn’t very much revealed at all besides Gary’s new job.




The dialogue before the battle is quite funny. This introduces another monster that can heal. The boss battle is a pretty good challenge since Gary is able to revive th General as well. Also, the General’s art is pretty good, despite just being armor on a normal Ice Dragon.


Well, there isn’t any of the epic plot revelation promised. The battle really only has one possible strategy since Gary can revive the General. The battle is long and tedious and has no rewards afterwards.




The rewards were a strong point of the war. There were different levels and elements for each race, and none of them were Ice! You had to upgrade your weapons from the first level to your’s with 5 waves minimum per upgrade. (really, doing it in 5 waves in really unlikely…) This motivated players to fight in the war, and the rewards were certainly worth it.


With the rewards out when the war began, there wasn’t really a reward for finishing it.


Grade of War: 6.0/10. The only real strongpoint of this war was the rewards.


2 Responses to “Dragonfable: War Analysis – Dragesvard War I”

  1. Kangi said

    I am going to have to rate it a bit lower than that I would rate it a 6.25. It became frustrating at how long the war took, and you had to fight with a quest on all the waves save for the DA only wave. That in and of itself slowed the war down a lot.

    The joke waves themselves where not really a joke wave, but rather a mini boss wave with the single ice dragon. Also the fact that there was no unique drop from the final boss fight was rather unappealing as well.

    One good thing that did come from the war was that they finaly upgraded the Defender items.

  2. Oh, the seven was actually a typo….

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