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I Just Had To Point This Out

Posted by The Peanut Master on December 6, 2008

In the MechQust General Discussion Forum in the AE Official Forums, Archerlad, a well-known infamous poster in the AEF for having consistently been posting extremely terribly constructed criticism posts of both MechQuest and DragonFable, was at it again in his best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) form. Here was his thread:

MQ is going down the garbage disposal

I would just like to ask if anybody else has noticed the steady decline of release quality over the past few months. Very few releases have been enjoyable at all, and the only reason I play anymore is because I feel an obligation to follow the level cap just incase AE hires more staff members to more effectively manage four games. The only question I have is (well, the second question, including the opening sentance), does it seem like there is a probibility of AE giving up on MQ? The least amount of people play it, which means it gets the least amount of money. Not to mention, there’s very little to convince anybody to get SC, because of the lack of SC-only content (its not like we get unique mechs. Just a slightly [really slightly] more powerful version of a non-SC mech!). I’m starting to wish I paid my 15$ into Dragonfable. It seems that 90% of that game is DA only content. Back to the topic, do you think it would be a financially intelligent and generally wise decision to eliminate MQ from the AE roster, instead of torturing us though uniform releases that just involve clicking, clicking, and more repetitive clicking? I’d start playing AQW, as long as they gave me my SC money back. 

In the words of Steven Tyler, “Wait a minute! We can’t just leave these people here. Get some backstage passes.” As some of you may have heard me say this on a different thread, AE chooses to avoid the glorious and magnificent and extremely wise teachings of Steven Tyler (who’s lips are indeed natrual..scary!), and leave us stumbling through a trash heap in the dark. Without telling us it is trash, mind you, even though we can all tell by feeling and smelling it. 

And about the latest release, I admire the attempt at creativeness with the spiders chasing you, but theres no room to get away from them, so whats the point? Just more of the crazy ANT-ics of AE. Hehe….ANT-ics….get it?

Here was my reponse in the thread:

What makes nearly all of your posts, Archerlad, so easy to toss into the garbage disposal (hehe) is that while all your posts seem to criticize AE in some way, each and every time you fail to provide cold hard facts to back it up. 

You say that “very few releases have been enjoyable at all”. Which releases? How were they not enjoyable? I happened to find yesterday’s release, Wednesday’s super walkaround release, last week’s truly epic war ending, and two week’s ago’s fantastic war beginning (with the awesome implementation of the much-needed Valor Badges and some great NPC interactivity with the Rec Room) all superb releases, and many more have come and gone over MechQuest’s year of releases. 

Your post loses all credibility in the first line when you do not back up your incredibly bold statement that MechQuest releases have been largely unejoyable. Instead of explaining which recent MechQuest releases have not been enjoyable and then going on to detail why they were bad, you then move on to an even more bold question of whether AE should shut MechQuest down. And once again, you do not provide solid facts to back up your opinion that MechQuest should be shut down. 

And as if this all wasn’t enough, your post should also have included a healthy description of what AE should do to improve what you think is a very bleak game. Because you have done none of this, no one has taken your post seriously, and until you do edit it with more proof of your opinions, this thread (and all other posts you make) will not be taken seriously at all. 

And as many people before have already stated, since you seem to hate every aspect of every single thing AE does with MechQuest (and DragonFable as well, as I’ve noticed), then just quit the darn games and go find something you actually do like. You seem to enjoy posting so much criticism, which means you must hate these games by now. Instead of posting your incessant opinions here with no logic or reason behind it, you would be better off just quitting and finding something you do enjoy playing.

While Archerlad has had more than his fair share of god-awful posts, this may very well top it off. Incredibly terribly written, not backed up at all with facts from the game, and no suggestions as to how to improve the game make his thread immediately known as one of the worst the MQGD has ever seen (and that is saying something, folks). My advice: Please, please, PLEASE do not follow in Archerlad’s path. If you are going to criticize MechQuest, please do so in a mature, fact-based, and responsible way (as I will attempt to do with my upcoming MQ Critical Analysis posts) and you will be much better off. 😉


2 Responses to “I Just Had To Point This Out”

  1. Lemmy said

    Woah…Peanut, I’ve never seen youpost like that!

  2. Haha, I really went off, didn’t I? I’m fine with constructive criticism when it’s back up with logical facts and data, but when the post is as badly written and backed up as Archerlad’s was, I had to say something relatively harsh to get the message through.

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