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AE Does it Again!

Posted by Chickencowlord on November 26, 2008

And yes, I mean they listen to the players and come up with a reasonable compromise. This time, it is saving armors. Many Dragonlords (myself included) thought that it should be a DA feature to save armors. Once again, AE listens.

A while ago, AE announced that saving armors would be avialable only through the DC closet (which I personally find overpriced). This diappointed many DAs, as last year Cysero said it would probably be a DA-only feature. Having this very important (at least for conveniency) feature only avalable for DCs would have been no doubt a disastorous plight. So AE once again listens to the players and makes a compromise so that DAs can save armors for free!

A mystical saving orb will be in the Gold shop (DA only) for a large amount of gold. You will be charged gold every time you want to save a different armor, though I believe it is free to revert back to your base class. While still not exactly what we hoped to come out of this, I think it is a very reasonable compromise. Now the hard working can have a feature previously just for those with fuller (yes, that is a word) pockets. Hopefully the gold charge per change won’t be too lofty.

Once again, AE shows us how they can listen to the players. Things with DCs were looking awfully bleak, but it looks like Cysero is willing to listen, though maybe not as much as Warlic. As stated in many, many posts, the fact that AE listens is one of their best qualities and should be valued above all else. Not many gaming companies that are still around can boast of listening to their players, and it is one thing that makes AE great.

On a related note, Rolith also said that when you save armors, the AI will not be implemented in PvP yet. Once again, AE is taking suggestions on which armor to work on first ;).


3 Responses to “AE Does it Again!”

  1. dlord2 said

    thats why i stopped playing

  2. Biomeister said

    I liked this release. Too bad it wasn’t DA-DC only

  3. Zeke said

    This was a great release.

    However, being a non-DA, I’m still waiting for an armor that isn’t only 5% of the power of the base classes.

    AE DOES listen, but not when it comes to creating classes >.>

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