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Quest Log: What Happened?

Posted by Chickencowlord on November 25, 2008

The quest log has been in DF for around a month (if not two) now, and since the initial release all it has been doing is gathering dust.But the question is…do we really need the quest log? It destroys the point of exploration and the Gryphon, though some do prefer it over the Gryphon. The quest log, if/when finished, will allow any player to start a quest chain (as well as finish it) in any area at any time. This would be incredibly conveinient, but also very bad for DF’s exploration factor which is doing pretty badly as things are now. But having already starting the quest log, removing it now may look unprofessional. But I think having something ELSE in the game stay incomplete would be even worse for the first impressions on the game. What are your thoughts on the matter? Please leave them in the comments section!


4 Responses to “Quest Log: What Happened?”

  1. jackie fussell said

    Exploration in DF is kinda dead…

  2. Funny how the “Possibly related posts” actually linked to something relevant to this post, as the post holds my thoughts on the issue, which just happen to be very strong. I don’t think a complete Quest Log removal is necessary; its named purpose, to be a log with all quests in the game, is a very good idea that can really help the organization of a game. The aspect of the Quest Log, exploration, which is not part of its description, absolutely, positively, 100% HAS to be removed if DragonFable wants to continue on its upswing. It completely removes all aspects of exploration, and you can literally a good 90% of the game without moving a step.

  3. dlord2 said


  4. Einwill said

    Exploration in DF is already dead,that with the griffon.
    So they might just as well kill it off,or revive it.I suggest this:
    finish the quest log but also add pathways into towns.

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