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MechQuest: Prediction of 11/26/08-11/28/08 Release

Posted by The Peanut Master on November 25, 2008

This week promises a Thanksgiving treat and an end-of-war bonanza. 🙂

Thanksgiving Event

Thanksgiving in MechQuest will not have a feature event, as with other major holidays. However, a special Thanksgiving shop will open with seasonal items to boot. Not much to expect here besides the obvious, so happy Thanksgiving!

End Of War

This is really the interesting release of the week (provided it does finish this week, which is actually looking slightly questionable). It looks we didn’t do a good enough job beating the ShadowScythe to the asteroid, and our last resort is to just flat-out blow up the asteroid and be done with it. Apparently, we will be getting to fight an awesome new bossfight, with the best custscene MechQuest has seen to date. We will also get to build our own ShadowScythe Hovering Mecha, and there will be new Starship item rewards. Obviously, AE has put a lot of time and effort into the end of this epic war, and I am expecting great things on all facets. Very excited! 🙂


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