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Good News On The AQWorlds Front

Posted by The Peanut Master on November 15, 2008

Let’s face it: United Lore’s overall coverage of AQWorlds hasn’t exactly been very flattering. We’ve pretty much dissected everything negative we possibly could from the game, and maybe for good reason, as oftentimes the beginning of a game’s development ends up being the most important. Therefore, we were extra critical in our analysis of the game’s early stages, but not for the purpose of being mean, only to make sure we are all aware of the problems the game possesses and ways to fix them earlier, as opposed to later.

Well, I couldn’t help but post this bit of good news for AQWorlds: All players can chat. And when I mean chat, I don’t mean some phony little condensed quick chat. I mean full-on chat, like the ones members get. This is a huge step forward, and was one of the main problems I addressed early on as the biggest stepping stone preventing AQWorlds from ascending to greatness.

Thankfully, on Friday, that issue has been lifted from the ranks of the problems, as the new Safiria server solves the issue of free players being literally shut up. Will the cartoony graphics and flash-style browser game turn people away? Probably. Will the limited F2P content turn people away? Probably. Will the small amount of content in comparison to the upgrade fee for this first year or so turn people away from upgrading? Probably. But one of the main problems, the disallowing of free players to chat freely, has been solved, and that is just one big step forward to making AQWorlds a problem-free game.


11 Responses to “Good News On The AQWorlds Front”

  1. Now, they need to make more servers like this. Free chat will be great on limited servers, as it will create a perfect balance. You can chat freely, but if all the free servers are full you can’t. 😉 The fact that you can chat freely at all will certainly help AE hold onto free players.

  2. mike446 said

    While this is certainly a great leap foward(And I won’t be able to post my planned “Bad things about AQW” because of it; I also won’t be able to make a planned No-Chat vs. Chat post due to this post); there is no such thing as a perfect MMO.

  3. Mad Max said

    There is one bad thin. Half the free players don’t read the design notes so when i was playing in the safiria server, there were still some idiots using canned chat. Man that really made me angry, AQ worlds gives you a chance to talk and they ignore it, how lame.

  4. Lemmy7003 said

    Mad Max, not everyone looked at them, so thatgives you know right to say that

  5. In addition to this, you also must have a verified email to speak. If you haven’t it doesn’t matter how free the server is.

  6. Brytz said

    One bad thing is I was playing on the Safiria server than it just said you have 3 minutes before you logout. I think it done that to get ready for the next release. They need to do something better than that!

  7. dlord2 said

    the problem is that they have 1 out 6 servers that chat

  8. Goron10 said

    They keep saying email activation required

  9. Yes, the one barrier to free chat for for free players is that you have to activate your account via an activation email sent to the email address you provided when you created your account.

  10. Simsonman said

    /ignore Cowboy: Yeeehaa!

  11. Zeke said

    The only BAD part about this release is that the safiria server is ALWAYS full, LAGS so much that you can’t change maps at times (Error creating map), and flaming and spam.

    Oh well, atleast we can say we got our shiny huge swords from Draconians o.0

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