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MechQuest: Analysis of 11/14/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on November 14, 2008

This week’s major release was quite different from most normals releases; two new minigames that stray away from the classic battles that have identified what MechQuest is about.

QuickFlash Minigame


The first of the two minigames introduced an entirely new concept to MechQuest, a first-person shooter minigame. You literally control a gun and use its targeting system to shoot down incoming missiles. At the end of each minigame (which gets progressively difficult at each new location), you have to shoot QuickFlash himself, but the catch is he moves tremendously fast and you only get one shot at him before you have to start over. After you shoot him down six times, you will fight him for real, and when defeated you will receive some important plot information from an ally that reveals Boltavolt has billions of crystallized dragons breath to power an entire army!


Could it be… an actually difficult AE minigame? Amazingly, this new minigame is very difficult, with QuickFlash requiring immense concentration and precision to hit down and the missiles becoming increasingly difficult to shoot down all at once. You could tell Warlic put a little extra attention into this minigame, as the functionality and “fun” factor, for me at least, was at an all-time high for minigames. Frustrating? Yes. Fun? Even more so. The first-person shooter was a great idea and Warlic executed it flawlessly. While many will say this minigame is too difficult, I think they’re just being babies and aren’t used to actually having to work for something in MechQuest, and I thought the difficulty was perfectly placed. And for a minigame, the plot revelations about Boltavolt creating a massive army added a nice touch and took away from the relative side-ness of the minigame.


The actual depth of the minigame is lacking a bit in several key areas. The missile shooting, while difficult at higher stages, does not pose any kind of a threat to your health in any way whatsoever, so you’d be pretty much have to bomb out if you want to lose because of the missiles. I think there also could have been some more variety in the missiles, such as smaller ones and bigger ones, ones that come at you faster and slower, and even a few missiles that act in a different way from the others. The identical missiles at every stage and the monotony the minigame gets to is slightly disappointing, to say the least.

Grade of Release

9.0/10. The minigame was created in an addictive and creative manner, and the funcionality is unique and original. While the depth of the minigame itself could have been further enhanced, the difficulty and fun factor of it was off the charts, and AE should be commended for adding some much-needed variety to MechQuest’s landscape.

Superhero Minigame


AE didn’t stop at just one minigame, they went for two! This second minigame is an updated and enhanced version of the classic asteroid-shooting minigame first seen on the dropship. This minigame involves you and your superhero supersuit flying in space to rescue a lost superhero, and you have to fight through numerous asteroids and debris to get there. After you complete the long and grueling process, you will have to fight the Boltavolt-driven superhero without the comfort of a mech, and once you defeat him/her Boltavolt’s curse will have been broken over the superhero and he/she will have been rescued.


Could it be… TWO difficult minigames in ONE release? Yes it could, and that is what went down this week. This minigame is an extremely difficult test of endurance and agility, as the extended length of the minigame and amount of objects in your way provide for a fast-paced and exciting shooting adventure that ups the ante of these shooting games. This game is a huge improvement over the old asteroid-shooting one, with multiple forms of items in multiple shapes and sizes, coming at you in multiple directions at once. The energy blade fight at the end is actually difficult and requires as much strategy as you can muster out of character fighting, and trust me, you will feel a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment if you can beat this minigame. 😉 This minigame also provides a nice little way of getting everyone to experience the superman character fighting animations (as you have to beat the minigame in the superman supersuit).


This minigame’s biggest strength might also be its biggest weakness: Difficulty. While the QuickFlash minigame had the perfect difficulty level, this minigame took it a bit too far, what with the extended time length of the minigame and vast amount of objects in your way. While it is definitely great to see a truly difficult minigame, this one becomes the first I’ve seen to take the other extreme. Also, while a side attraction of Zargon, the zero plot and nearly zero rewards are disappointing.

Overall Grade of Release

8.0/10. Was it fun? Sure as heck it was, and the fast-paced and exciting nature of it, in addition to the challenging energy blade fight at the end. However, the extreme difficulty, and lack of anything else (plot and rewards, to be specific) that come out of it bring this minigame down.

QuickFlash Mecha Model


The QuickFlash mecha model is the reward for completing the series of QuickFlash minigames. The mecha goes up to a level 26 model, and the default weapons cannot be swapped out. The models also have a Star Captain-only special ability.


First of all, it’s great to see AE hasn’t gone level 28 bonkers, and a level 26 model was much needed post-level cap raise. The mecha is also amazingly powerful, with a fantastic Star Captain ability that continues to enhance the worth of having a Star Captainship.


Overall, while still very powerful and fun to play with, it is not an extraordinarily ground-breaking or original mecha, although I guess that’s to be expected with a side mecha. The fact that the weapons cannot be replaced is really disappointing, and takes away from the customization aspect of MechQuest.

Overall Grade of Release

8.0/10. The mecha is overall a nice and powerful addition the mecha landscape, but the lack of customization and overall bleakness is what keeps this one down a bit.

Overall Grade of Release

8.5/10. The minigames provided excellent additions to MechQuest, while providing some nice and much-needed variety of the game. The core mechanics of the minigames needed a bit of work and the mecha model was a bit on the unexciting side, but I commend AE for taking this step forward and helping give MechQuest some uniqueness and originality.


2 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 11/14/08 Update”

  1. Quickflash is actually very easy. Just shoot the missles down, then shoot rapidly a little above the street. It is a guaranteed win against him.

  2. ZamuelNow said

    One thing I really liked about the fight at the end of the flying minigame is that the opponent actually used EN for their attacks.

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