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AdventureQuest: Analysis of 11/6/08 Update

Posted by alabamapitty on November 14, 2008

Oh teh noes! Late again! As I have said before, this was a war, which I don’t critique until they are done. Hmm… I guess I can try the new rating format for a change… 

I Will Absolixly Beat You! (Battle With Visia)


If all of you little ones will remember, we have had a series of conflicts with Visia and the Mutant King in No Man’s Land. Both of these can mutate the world around them, seemingly to their own liking, into new and dangerous forms. After thwarting the attack of the Mutant King, you go on the offensive, heading towards Visia’s HQ to cut the snake off at the head. After fighting through this war, some information about Absolix -Visia’s and the Mutant King’s master- was gained, as well as a new armor with a wicked look.


This war was difficult, featuring Post-Sweep monsters, but farmable as well, which are the prime components of a war. The bonus mission was a very good farming spot, allowing you to see some sights, and fight some baddies as well; how could it be better? Well, the armor found after this war was very nice indeed. A re-coloring of the Granemor Guardian armor, but strong nonetheless. It had the same animations, but significantly stronger attack power, all at a very nice price. We also found that Absolix promised Visia and the Mutant King power, and in return they had to show the true nature of Lore. Whether this means mutate everything, or something deeper, I do not yet know. We shall see….


Sadly, this war didn’t really innovate in many ways. Sure, we got to see some evil versions of our friends, but those were just re-colorings. Yes, Visia was a very good challenge, but I can’t help but think that making here that strong was a waste. The outcome is the same regardless of whether you win or lose. Bragging rights, true, but still. We only got 1 new enemy, the Moglinator. Yes, a good war, but not terribly great.

Grade of Release

This week continued the Granemor event, unraveling old secrets, and creating new. However, the lack of anything more than a new armor and enemy keeps this week kinda low. Sorry AE. I give this release 7 Strange Story Elements out of 10.


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