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Dragonfable: Analysis Of 11/7/08 Release

Posted by Chickencowlord on November 13, 2008

Mike insists I do this analysis since the main release, the Dragonslayer Class testing, was Dragonlord only. So here is the analysis of last week’s release, now in the new format Peanut has started using!Dragonslayer: Test Armor


The Dragonslayer test armor was released this week. As all test armors (so far, anywhom), it is available for Dragonlords only. The armors has a wide variety of skills, the most of them being more effective on dragons. There are even a few that cannot be used unless you happen to be facing a dragon. Some basic double and triple skills are added, as well as a healing attack, though it heals very little at the cost of doing damage. Tomix made the art for the Dragonslayer class. It looks like Galanoth’s armor, just less bulky and looks undamaged.


May I start by congratulating Tomix for his art on this armor. It is simply fantasmatic (I had to make a new word! It IS that awesome looking!). Unlike every other test armor, however, it is actually BALANCED. I find this a great thing. I admit that I myself was expecting more overpowered goodness, but it quite frankly is not all that great. It is about average, if not lower. The elemental targeting skill is just as useful and ranger’s. The OMGBBQ attack has a cooldown too big for a single battle, but is great if you are fighting multiple battles (or, well, I presume it would if the skill actually did 300% damage)


Alright, here is my rant about the uselssness of some of these skills. The heal + attack skill, while a good thought, heals so little it is utterly useless. It has an attack that simply does ranged fire damage, and I don’t think that is different enough from an average attack to really be useful at all. The defend skill is random from 1-3 turns, making it unreliable. There is also a “Summon Draykwing” skill that is really just a plain ol’ attack. The DOT attack does 80% damage initially, then drains 2% for five turns making a total of….90% damage WITH a DOT? Overall, it makes up its good skills with some utterly crappy ones. Quite honestly, I find DK armor better for Dragonslaying.

Grade of Release

As much as I want to love the DS armor, I can’t it is useless against all but dragons and is still pretty useless against dragons. The most powerful skill in its set is broken, and the defend is very unreliable. The only think it really boasts is a stun and combo attacks. Score: 6.5/10


Recipe For Disaster: Lady Celestia’s New Quest


Lady Celestia is in need of your assistance yet again. This time, it isn’t to train your dragon or even defeat a titan in the future, but to destroy a much more impending doom: a catering business run by dragons. This catering business would be having heroes for dinner (and I mean that QUITE literally! They are working on an “Adventurers for Appetizers” program!). You must destroy all the enterprising dragons associated in this business: The Chef, The Dishwasher, The Event Planner, The Waiter, and The Mastermind behind it all. Each one has a corresponding element: Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind, and Darkness. Each member of the scheme is a full boss, and doesn’t have any strong resistances or weaknesses.


I enjoyed this quest. It is no doubt one of the most hillarious quests I’ve ever played. The dialogue before each battle is very entertaining, and it was a great way to test the Dragonslayer armor. The lot of bosses is great for a challenge if you want it, and they drop necklaces giving you resistance to their element.


Without any strong elemental weaknesses, the battles are fairly repetitive and tedious. The drops have no stats and are a bit useless, and they sell for all of 40 gold. The story really has nothing to do with anything in the game at all.

Grade of Release

Overall, this release was a bit meh. Although then dialogue and plot was hillarious, the gameplay is severely lacking. Score: 7.0/10

The Snow Fields (Galanoth’s Quest)


Previously, the tuskers told you when you came to ally with them that dragons had visited earlier, and they seemed scared. Trying to end the war before it begins. Galanoth is completely and utterly objective to the prospect of peace with dragons. He finds them brutes, animals with nothing but a lust to kill, and he makes it clear when interrupting your conversation with the ice dragons. Though he does not slay them, he has a LITTLE more control than Artix. Suddenly, Aisha , Queen of the ice elves (if you didn’t know that), appears. You ask Aisha why she feels that humans and ice elves cannot cooperate as they have for so many years. Aisha has a shocking response: “What makes you think I am an ice elf?” And then Aisha begins to speak to you in the language of dragons, telling you how the elemental orbs are rightfully belonging to the dragonand even goes so far to call your dragon a traitor to his race. She then sends two ice dragons to kill Galanoth and capture you.


The biggest pro here should be obvious: PLOT! There is quite a bit of plot exposed here, as the length of the “About” section should clearly show. It is setting the game up perfectly for the upcoming war. The final boss was a nice challenge too. The combat was pretty quick.


The quest has you fighting the same monster again and again and again. This would be understandable if there was a catch, like the cold water in the tusker quest, (which I LOVED by the way) but there isn’t. Once again we fight the same monster over and over again.

Grade of Release

This quest was actually pretty good. Lots of plot, to be most definite. And the gameplay was fast even though it was repetitive. Score: 7.5/10

Overall Grade of Release: 7.5/10


2 Responses to “Dragonfable: Analysis Of 11/7/08 Release”

  1. ZamuelNow said

    Two things:

    First: In my opinion the most powerful DS skill is Poison Dragon by far (while the similar Bleed IS sorta useless).

    Second: The Neclaces lack stats but they boost the corresponding resistances by 10 to 15% for the equipped player.

  2. Poison Dragon is very good, but I hadn’t tried it due to the description which did not explain it well.

    Yes, but there are necklaces that can do both, however rare they may be.

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