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MechQuest: Prediction of 11/12/08-11/14/08 Updates

Posted by The Peanut Master on November 12, 2008

For the first time in what seems like forever, there has been a surprisingly missing newsletter on Tuesday to get us all up to date on the week’s releases will bring, making my prediction posts relatively easy. This week? Not so much, and we only have last week’s “Coming Soon” paragraph as an indicator.

From last week’s newsletter:

“Coming Soon
A large asteroid has been detected in a distant galaxy… and it appears to be followed by a HUGE Shadowscythe Armada! It seems to be headed straight for this solar system! What could the Shadowscythe want with this barren rock? Also, Get ready to face each other in glorious pvp combat in the next GEARS Games!”

From last week’s Design Notes:

“Unfortuantely, the new specials for this mecha took a lot more time to implement than I was expecting. The ghost eating body special revealed a very strange engine level bug that took most of an afternoon to find and fix. As a result, I was unable to complete the new Zargon Quest that I had originally scheduled for today. Also, the shoulder specials required more time than I had originally anticipated. I “could” have squeezed a quest out at the last minute out but it would not have been very good. So, I have decided to push the new quest back until next Wednesday.

This month is going to end HUGE for MQ. Our other games have declared that November is the month of Dragons! Hmmmm… dragons? Last time I checked the dragons were a lost race in the MQ universe… So, We are going to introduce a special event that is going to literally shake the entire galaxy. The Shadowscythe are on the move again and soon a Dragonoid will be coming to this solar system… Trust me.. This solar system is probably only big enough for ONE of these magnificent beings!” 

From last week’s recycled news, we can kinda sorta maybe so-so gather some general information about this week’s release, which I will detail below.


Could it be? Probably not, what with this being the month of dragons, Zargon’s continuing progression, etc., but the fact that it’s been in the news for weeks means it must be coming really soon, and this week could be it. Still highly unlikely, however.

Zargon Quest

This is definitely coming tomorrow, as the quest was actually supposed to come last week, but because of some dutiful bugs the quest had to be pushed back to this week on Wednesday, as explicitely stated by Warlic. It was disappointing not to have the quest released last week to boost up a pretty bad release week, but at least it should help this week! 🙂

Dragon Quest/Zone

This would have to be the likeliest of candidates for this week’s new major release, with the Coming Soon paragraph probably referring to the Month of Dragons and the Design Notes providing a clear reference back to the ShadowScythe and an asteroid, which both were mentioned in the Coming Soon paragraph.

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done a predictions without a real idea what the release will be, harkening back to the olden days. MechQuest has come a long way since day one, hasn’t it? 😉


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