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MechQuest: Analysis of 11/7/08 Release

Posted by The Peanut Master on November 8, 2008

This week’s major release didn’t exactly define the meaning of “major”, with the only actual updates being three new high-level mechs. (Note: This is an incredibly long analysis post, one that goes on much longer than it should have, so I would suggest making some coffee or eat some candy, because it’s a looooong ride. :P)

Level 28 Advanced House Mechs V2


With the recent level cap raise to 28 (from 25), the house mechs received their dutiful update, although without much changed from its level 25 counterpart. Increased HP, EP and EP Regeneration is the only thing that differentiates itself from the V1, and it gives the heavy-duty players another level 28 mech to play around with.


Look on the bright side; none of the base stats were reduced (unlike the original AHMs). šŸ˜‰ To be brutally honest, there isn’t much to rave about with these new mechs, considering they are carbon copies of the original Advanced House Mechs but with updated base stats and damages. The base stats and damages were increased correctly, and maintains each house’s prime base stat strength.


While we should not be expecting major improvements and additions from each house mech to the next mech, the sheer sameness (yes, that is a word) these new mechs hold with the old Advanced House Mechs is nothing to praise, and one might have thought at least one or two game mechanics might have been changed besides just plain numbers.

Grade of Release

6.5/10. While AE didn’t really do much wrong with the new house mechs, they also didn’t do a whole lot to make me at all excited about these new house mechs. Remember, house mechs were supposed to be the uber armors/doom weapons equivalent for MechQuest, and that continues to cease to be the case, continuing with this new batch of mechs.

Level 28 Hunter Wraith


Mysterious Johnson and the Mysterious Stranger are in cahoots again; if you can capture enough ghosts to earn a doom cell, you can buy the new level 28 Hunter Wraith, the next innovative mech in the Ghost Hunting mecha chain. This new mech has 0 energy regeneration, but absorbs a portion of your damage to your energy each turn, in addition to providing numerous energy-draining weapons to sap the energy right out of your opponent. Also, if you are capturing ghosts, you can use a unique special to allow you to heal during battles.


The Hunter Wraith really took some time and effort to construct, as evidenced by the originality and creativity behind it. The whole 0 energy regeneration, but offset by tons of energy-specific weapons and specials is a very intriguing concept that is worth playing around with, and you can really form some deadly energy combos with this mech. It is very unique and one-of-a-kind in its functionality and use, and has created itself its own little niche with its mechanics (longer battles, more drawn out). Sure, it won’t get the job done quick and elegantly, but it will get the job done nonetheless, and hard-core players, along with casual players as well, will enjoy playing around with the Hunter Wraith. The Hunter Wraith can really become a powerhouse if used in the right situations and in the right order.


The base stats and damges of the Hunter Wraith pale in comparison to all the other level 28 mechs, and that coupled with so-so specials in many situations can really make the Hunter Wraith a pain in the butt to play with, and is easily the worst of the level 28 mechs. The whole energy specializing idea was fantastic in concept, but in implementation needs some more work, and while it is a nice start, there are things that need improvement.

Grade of Release

8.5/10. The Hunter Wraith is an innovative mech with innovative specials and features an innovative concept. It’s unfortunate that such an interesting mech be so weak in comparison to the other level 28 mechs, and the rawness of the mech with some implementation issues is what is really holding this mech, and release, down. However, the Hunter Wraith does provide some fantastic combo opportunities, and if the right strategy is used the mech can become very powerful. I think if AE continues to expand on this excellent idea some truly epic mechs could be created, but while the Hunter Wraith deserves an A+ for effort, the actual content still seems to be lacking after going through it a few times.

Level 28 Sepulchure Mech


The last of the three mecha releases was the new level 28 Sepulchure mecha, with updated base stats and damages similar to the house mechs, but without any actual functionality changes at all.


As with the house mechs, there wasn’t much of a need for anything to be done to this mech, as it hasn’t actually changed in concept since the Sepulchure 1000 and probably won’t either. The base stats and damages were updated accordingly and productively and it still remains one of the most powerful mechs in the game. This was a necessary addition to the line of level 28 mechs so that the Sepulchure mech can stay current and powerful


I’ve never been a fan of taking such a prime aspect of DragonFable and shoving it into MechQuest in such a huge way, so that already gets points taken off. Again, the lack of any flair or excitement that aroseĀ from this new mech wasn’t exactly a plus either, even if nothing should have been expected.

Grade of Release

8.0/10. Overall a pretty “meh” mech release, one that didn’t really do much wrong but didn’t really do anything great either (kinda like the house mechs).

Overall Grade of Release

6.0/10.Ā Is that pretty bad? You could definitely say so, and there are multiple reasons I gave this release such a low score. Here’s a nice, tidy, list:

  1. We have been accustomed to such more high-quality and exciting releases these past few weeks (even months), and this release just didn’t even come close in terms of quantity.
  2. The lack of any content whatsoever for anyone not at the level cap (and that is mostly everyone) is a huge downer.
  3. The lack of an actual content quest (even if because of a bug, that doesn’t make it excusable) really pulled this release down as well.
  4. Even the mechs themselves, which were the only things released today, were disappointing in many aspects, and one must wonder once again why the level cap is being pushed so far again. If you complete everything possible in the game you’ll only be in the level 18-20 range, leaving an absolute ton of farming to go until you not only reach the level cap, but even a respectable level. The amount of full in-game content to play through should equal something a little below the level cap (somewhere around level 23 or so) so not a boatload of farming is needed to reach the cap, while still allowing the hard-core players some farming to do. Getting from level 20 to 28 is such a difficult task, requiring hours and hours of dedicated farming, something that should not have to be the case. Once again AE lost perspective on who this game is aimed at by devoting this week’s entire major release to the level cap players. I’ve got news for you, AE, and it’s this: The fact remains that the vast majority of players aren’t anywhere near the level cap. One wonders why AE is focusing so much on creating new mechs and equipment for the few players at a very high level when they shouldĀ be focusing on new content and quests everyone can play through to allow players to level up and access these new mechs…

So, those reasons, coupled with a less-than-underwhelming actual release, contributed to the low score.

Wow, that was a really long analysis for such a small and disappointing release. I guess because we haven’t seen many not-so-great MechQuest releases any time recently this one really stood out and warranted extra attention.


7 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 11/7/08 Release”

  1. ZamuelNow said

    Well, level cap issues seem to be in all of AE’s games not just MQ. At the same time, I think MQ truly is the AE game with the smallest staff.

  2. Shindia said

    I think you’re probably right Zamuel but at the same time it is probably the AE game with the smallest active player base (at least that’s the impression I get from the pilots online now numbers in comparison to the numbers on the other games sites).

  3. ZamuelNow said

    You make a good point. I think there’s times when even AQW has or people on than MQ.

  4. Actually, ever since some of the recent releases that have really bumped up server capacity to the free-player limit (2500, I believe), AQWorlds has pretty much always had more players in game than MechQuest. Even as I speak, MechQuest has just over 6K players in game, while AQWorlds has nearly 12K.

  5. Ryu Viranesh said

    Honestly, this release was not exactly satisfying to me, even as a level 28. I know how hard it is to make the level cap and how hard it is for those below it to watch as the few of us who are up there get even more new mecha while they get nothing in a release, I’ve been there. They could have released maybe a level 23 version of the Hunter Wraith to let more people see their new concept in action and play around with it themselves. This release really excluded those who aren’t at the level cap and I would like to see AE not do this again in the future(even though I know it will unless something is done).

  6. Excellent observation, Ryu. I mentioned it briefly as one of the reasons why the release was as bad as it was, but I know I did not reiterate it enough. To exclude all but the very small minority of players who just recently attained level 28 from the *major* release of the week is a huge mistake AE has made many, many times after a level cap raise, and it’s a mistake I sincerely hope they will not commit again. It only adds insult to injury when the goodies those few level 28 players get aren’t really “goodies” at all.

  7. ZamuelNow said

    The size of the MQ team officially worries me now…

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