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MechQuest: Analysis of 11/01/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on November 1, 2008

Due to some timely mid-war updates by AE, the Mogloween war finished on time, and the boss monster and rewards were as well.About: The Mogloween war, which I think is one of the best wars MechQuest has had to date, came to a conclusion on Friday. Enough candy was produced to allow Dr. Springenstein to make the Headless Horse Mecha vulnerable and motal, and it is up to us to defeat it. Once you have beaten it, you will see a nice cutscene where Dr. Sprigenstein gives life to his female companion, Shelley. If you have beaten the boss, you will also gain access to the mecha rewards, two different models. There is the Frakenmecha for all players and Star Captains, and the Headless Horse Mecha for Nova Gems only. Starship items are also unlocked if you can beat the boss.

My Opinion: There were really two main aspects of this war conclusion: First, the boss fight. Finally we get to fight the Headless Horsemecha, and while the actual damage it does is quite minimal in comparison to what is normally done, but is abnormally high blocking rate, in addition to some amazing specials, makes it not only a frustrating, but difficult boss fight. The good news is as long as you have the correct setup, you shouldn’t have much difficulty, and I think AE made the boss at a perfect difficulty. Very difficult if you’re just clicking random attacks (which is what many people do), but if you know what you’re doing, it’s no problem. The cutscene that ensues is also a nice touch as a side-plot from the main storyline, and it’s great to see that a positive conclusion was made. The rewards are where things get interesting; many players were deeply upset that the “major” of the two new mecha models (Headless Horse Mecha) was only going to be offered the small minority of players who own and actively use Nova Gems. Fortunately, when the mechs were actually released, it was pretty darn obvious which of the two had more time and effort put into it, and which was ultimately better: The Frankenmecha. The Frankenmecha has some unique and original specials put into it, and they can be manipulated to provide some stunning combos. The Headless Horse Mecha, on the other hand, while still immensely powerful, uses recycled attacks with recycled specials, and the ultimate success of it is completely dependable on just one very random special. Overall, the Frankenmecha is in its correct placement: As the main mecha with the cool new stuff, while the Headless Horse Mecha is rightfully behind. Still however, one has to wonder whether Nova Gem users should have gotten their own mech at all… The other issue with the mechs was that the odd level placement of them: While the mechs are closely bunched together in some level areas, the majority of players will be left out in the dark, and one must wonder why the mechs were so oddly leveled. The Starship Swag rewards were actually very well made and deserve plenty of praise. The NG-only map that will allow you to return to Planet Mortis any time of the year is an excellent addition, and while very expensive, will serve many well and is a great idea.

Overall Grade of Update: 9.0/10. There were only a few minor quirks to deter this update of a perfect score: The fact that there is a completely Nova Gem-only mecha with superior looks, and the weird issue with the mecha level placement. But besides that, everything else was great: The boss, the cutscene, the Frakenmecha, the storyline, it was all great and fun to play through. Kudos to AE! 🙂


8 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 11/01/08 Update”

  1. alabamapitty said

    I also enjoyed the swag items that were released. Whether you went for just credit items, or NG items (I love my new Starmap to Mortis!), the items available were very nice indeed. You are, of course, right about the mecha. I love the Frankenmecha, because it breaks some of the mold put up by so many mecha before it. I have only two quips about it, and they are minor. One, no color customization. It’s not that I don’t like the green, it may be my favorite color besides blue, but it would be nice to have some more customization. My second criticism… it makes all other heads besides the default, backwards. No lie, put one on, and it will! I swear to you! Other than that, excellent release AE, great job, and keep it up!

  2. adam said

    since aqw’s launch mechquests updates have being pathetic. im still w8ting 4 the shops on westion

  3. Shindia said

    Adam the 2 are unrelated, it’s a completely different team of people who work on AQW

  4. ZamuelNow said

    As a whole, the War was a very polished release. The one glitch this War–releasing all the clues at the beginning instead of at 33% intervals–actually helped since people wouldn’t have participated as much if HHM couldn’t have been stopped early on.

  5. I’d actually protest against the map. Holiday events are meant to be something special with lots of powerful equipment and just overall awesomeness in everything. Now NG players can indeed buy a quest. The map also means now you must have NGs for the most potent farming in-game.

  6. ZamuelNow said

    The map actually doesn’t bug me at all. *shrug*

  7. alabamapitty said

    It’s a holiday locale, so it’ll be back next year. If AE plans it out like DF’s Mogloween, then you might have to play through this year’s. Besides, you can get all your farming done at the K&S for that matter. I don’t mind.

  8. Shindia said

    I got the map but I still prefer K&S for my farming, it’s just so much less hassle with the auto repair and faster fights.

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