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MechQuest: Prediction of 10/31/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on October 28, 2008

The end of the Mogloween war is approaching… but the real question is, will it finish this week?

Mogloween Conclusion

This week promises the end of the Mogloween war, thanks to a newsletter sent out this week. Now that we have retained the Headless Horse Mecha’s head, Dr. Springenstein is figuring out a way to make it mortal and vulnerable to attack. Once we get enough candy to power Springenstein’s plan we will unlock the boss fight (i.e. 100%), which will give us access to two new Mogloween-themed mechs and starship items. I’m obviously very excited to see the outcome of what has been a stellar Mogloween release. My only issue is if we are actually going to get to 100% by Friday. We are currently at 29% through four days, and at that pace we won’t finish until Wednesday of next¬†week. Either AE is going to have to implement some extra serious motivational tactics to get us to go on a killing rampage, or we may once again need help from the heavens…


3 Responses to “MechQuest: Prediction of 10/31/08 Update”

  1. Bob II said

    Well, hopefully there won’t be any unded-mecha-killing spray. But if they release the boss before the war is over, then it will most certainly be abandoned. I’m thinking they will give us some sort of super-motivation like the DWA earlier this year.

  2. mike446 said

    “Help from the Heavens” or help from a small office building in Florida? XD

    But I digress… this will give them time to work on something really big.

  3. ZamuelNow said

    Yeah, I don’t get why they shortened the Alamonia Bug Invasion twice. I sort of see why they did it the first time but afterwards that would have been the perfect time to work on polishing upcoming releases–like the Equinox…

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