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Greetings! I will be Chickencowlord 2.0! Now with 50% more orange!

Posted by mike446 on October 27, 2008

My name alias is Mike446. I’m a avid AE fan, as I frequently play DragonFable, MechQuest, Adventure Quest World’s, and on a very rare occasion, Adventure Quest. I am a free player on all of the games, so there may be a few features I won’t be able to blog about.(I will, however, rant about how I can’t use them. Please note this is a little of my sardonic wit that I may employ on occasion to get a point across.) I’m also a administrator of the United Lore forums. As you know, Chickencowlord is taking a little vacation away from the blog, so I am going to be his temporary replacement. As such, I will be taking over a good deal of his responsibilities. Such as blogging, and … blogging. But I digress… I hope I don’t completely ruin the blog, and I hope I will be able to meet the high standards set by CCL all the other bloggers! However, I have most likely already made several grievous errors.


Yes you have, many terrible ones indeed. πŸ˜‰ Anyways, glad to have you Mike! Mogloween post perhaps? Also, add some tags to the reviews you do when you do them. Dragonfable, and a few customs. You know. -Alabama_Pitty

:O Stealing my color, eh? Now I’ll have to settle for this less flattering DARK orange :(. Now, I’m going to actually try and leave since I’m on a vacation :O. So the next time you see me in this one-horse town, I’ll have the next analysis ready. Also, on a slight note, when I return ready to post Mike shall be our 3rd party blogger who does posts on all three games. ~Chickencowlord

You made a terrible mistake, Mike, sorry to say. 😦 You didn’t put this post in ANY categories and didn’t attach ANY tags to it! Now, I’ll be monitoring all posts and making sure something gets placed there on all posts, so I’ll let you off the hook for now. But don’t let it happen again, my pretty… -TPM


5 Responses to “Greetings! I will be Chickencowlord 2.0! Now with 50% more orange!”

  1. Rayne said

    You did fine ;p It’s nice to see that someone’ll be blogging about DF while Chicken enjoys his time off.

    *whispers* Don’t worry about the others barking. They won’t bite.

  2. “They won’t bite.”

    O rly? πŸ˜‰

  3. ZamuelNow said

    >>Mike! Mogloween post perhaps?<<

    Why go on about Mogloween when you could mention that the South end of Warlic’s zone actually goes somewhere now… πŸ˜‰

  4. Shimmertail said

    warlic zone?

  5. simidorl said

    @ shimmertail:
    not mq, aq or aqw

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