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About That Motivation…

Posted by The Peanut Master on October 27, 2008

Remember my analysis post yesterday that described the MechQuest Mogloween release, and how the only downside was that the motivational techniques used to encourage participation didn’t really work? Yeah, well, scratch that. With a big strikethrough. But bold it. Like this. And maybe give it some more oomph, like this. Ah, much better. Now then, let’s get on with it.

One of the key motivational features AE implemented in conjunction with the war was a level cap raise. The level cap raise was designed to get all those level 25 players with nothing to do something to do, and it did. Only, it didn’t do it where it was wanted: At the war. The war, suffice to say, just wasn’t good enough to match or better the current farming powerhouse, the Knife and Spork. The simple facts that the Knife and Spork rewarded much more experience and credits than the war and the downtime between war fights was much greater than that of the Knife and Spork (which, by the way, is nonexistant) made the farming choice unanimous. But both of those aspects have been changed in the war, to ultimately give the nod to the war as THE place to farm for any level.

The experience and credits gain for the war used to be much lower than the Knife and Spork, but that has changed. Consider (using level 25 variables):

Knife and Spork:
Experience –  250
Credits –  1750

Experience – 275
Credits –  1925

Those simple numbers make it obvious that the place to farm has to be the war. But the decision would still have been a mere toss-up, since there is no downtime betwen battles in the Knife and Spork, whereas in the war you had to go back to the main town (after watching the relatively lengthy introduction cutscene), press the heal button, go back into the battle selection screen, and then pick the place to battle in. Now all of that is pretty much discarded because as long as you aren’t actively collecting candy, you can use it immediately after every battle to heal both your health and energy (not just your health anymore), and you’ll almost always have enough to do so. And if you do need to go back to the main area to heal, the cutscene is automatically skipped after the first time you watch it.

So pretty much what I’m trying to say is that either AE listened to what I said yesterday (that would be just totally awesome), they listened to the feedback on the forums (highly likely), or figured it out themselves that the motivation just still wasn’t there. But whatever the case may be, AE adjusted to what was ultimately the best decision, and it has shown: There has already been a huge increase in the amount of waves defeated after the update, and it’s great to see so much more participation. It’s actually become really tough to critisize AE because whenever they seem to do something wrong, it’s almost always corrected later, making you look like an idiot. 😛


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