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Farewell… (For a while)

Posted by Chickencowlord on October 26, 2008

I am sorry to all about my poor job blogging recently, and I can only say I would try to do better if I weren’t so busy with other things. Because of this, I’d like to take a vacation from the blog.Between school, friends, the clan, the games, and the blog I am overwhelmed with things to do. My grades are drooping a bit more than I’d like, and I need more time for my personal life. I am taking my leave from the blog. Don’t fret, as there is a candidate for a new blogger for DF, and if Alabama is reading this, I’ll bet he is about to invite him. I won’t be completely gone. I may comment now and agin, but I won’t make any posts until my vacation is over. I hope you can find it to forgive me for leaving you all, but I am confident this substitute blogger will do better than I can  or will be able to for a while. I will continue to play AE games, but I don’t have the time to really talk about them right now. I shall post on the blog the day of Frostval, with a release analysis of Frostval for both DF and AQW. Until then, do not expectany posts from me, and don’t even count on comments either. I’ll come when I come, and not on any given schedule. I will be back BY Frostval. Perhaps earlier ;).


8 Responses to “Farewell… (For a while)”

  1. dorigo said

    sad to see you go, ccl, hope to see you on the forums.

  2. Well, I will return. But my posting on the forums will probably slow doen as well =/.

  3. dorigo said

    also just letting you know that the forums is down. do you know why??

  4. dorigo said

    i guess youre pulling a john on us, huh?

  5. dorigo said

    do i know the new blogger??

  6. I’m not pulling a John. I said in the post I’ll be back next Frostval. Every IPBfree forum seems to be down. Yes, you do.

  7. dorigo said

    ok well thanks, see you frostval!

  8. alabamapitty said

    Alrighty, I’ll do it CCL. I hope you come back soon. Mike will be an acceptable substitute. Hurry back now, yah hear? 😉

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