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AQ: Analysis of 10/16/08

Posted by alabamapitty on October 21, 2008

Sorry for the lateness, but I have been busy as of late. Anyway, this week saw the conclusion of quite an interesting story-line in the Dragonspine. Is Galanoth alive, or dead? Read on to find out….

Now Kids, Let’s Not Fight… (Galanoth’s Fate)

Story Analysis:

Ahhhh, this was a good release. Ok, let’s recap for those who may not know. Two weeks ago, Galanoth made a trek into Medrovia, and fought a huge Vartai named Xerxes. Galanoth lost, and plummeted down the side of a large mountain. This release picked up form there, with your character meeting with Zero Hex, Galanoth’s former apprentice, who joined the Dracomancers in order to promote peace between the two groups. Now, with Galanoth seemingly killed by Vartai, the new leader of the Dragonslayers, Ryllik, is readying to march on Medrovia with the entire Dragonslayer corps. Zero Hex realizes though that this will surely get all of the Dragonslayers killed, and so enliste you to help convince Ryllik to stop his madness.

Upon entering Dragonstone, home base of the Dragonslayers, Your character finds Ryllik preparing his attack. After a failed attempt to convince him, Ryllik runs off towards Medrovia. Zero Hex decides that the only way left to them is to convince Xerxes to stop his attack of the Dragonslayers, lest another war between the two groups erupts. Upon coming to the gates of Lord Cyrus’s (Head of the Dracomancers, and also Medrovian royalty) abode, you are, of course attacked by some of Lord Cyrus’s guards. After dispatching them, Xerxes arrives, and is dealt with by a blast from the past, an old friend presumed dead… Galanoth. After fighting through even more Vartai, Galanoth explains his ordeal. 

After being knocked off the cliff by Xerxes’s attack, Galanoth plunged toward the ground (And his good, dear friends, the sharp rocks). In mid-fall however, he was saved in his plummet by a Dracomancer, which turns out to be Shiela, Lord Cyrus’s sister. Shiela was compelled by honor to save Galanoth, since he had saved her in the past as well. After recounting his tale, Ryllik appears, still bent on vengeance. You do not, of course, tolerate this, and beat some sense into him. Lord Cyrus appears, and deals with the disputes between Galanoth and Xerxes. He attemts to take Ryllik as a hostage for his attempted crimes, but to no avail; your character, seeing the danger it held, convinced Cyrus to let Ryllik be dealt with by his superiors. Cyrus agrees, and debts between Cyrus and your character from past wars are settled. Peace seems to be on the horizon for the Dragonslayers and Dracomancers. But what else waits?

After the exchange between Galanoth and Cyrus, a mysterious figure in black armor, holding a blade decorated with horse heads (No, not the gross kind. Like in a chess game) is revealed, watching the proceedings. Apparently, the peace between the two displeases him, and pushes back a “rite” he has been preparing. Who is this mysterious character? Does he represent a demi-power, intent on furthering his aims? Only time will tell…. 9.9/10

Reward, Enemy, Etc. Analysis:

As great as the story was, the rewards and enemies were… lacking. The enemies were the same as the last quest, with the addition of a  few Dragonslayers being the only change. Even the boss, Ryllik, wasn’t overly difficult, requiring only a bit of bashing to overcome. The rewards? Spells. Humph. This is the third week that all-mage items have been released. However, this does not irk me, as the story was Great!!! 7/10

Final Notes:

Now this is the way a release should be. Great story significance, and a nice batch of art that makes me go, “Ahhhhh” with delight. Rewards do not bother me. Alrighty so… I Give This Release, 9 HERE BE DRAGONS!! out of 10.


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