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MechQuest: Analysis of 10/15/08-10/17/08 Updates

Posted by The Peanut Master on October 19, 2008

Because Wednesday’s release was so small, I’ve combined it with Friday’s major release to make one, jam-packed analysis!About: There were two main releases this week, one on Wednesday and one on Friday. Wednesday’s release sent us back to GEARS University, where you can talk to Nigel and sign up your character for participation in the GEARS Games (granted your a Star Captain, of course). As long as your name isn’t offensive or inappropriate your character’s save equip weapons and mech will become a possible opponent for someone of an opposing house in the upcoming GEARS Games. Friday’s release brought us back to Zargon, where the main releases have been coming from. This week’s release continues the storyline with Selina sending us out to find the missing heroes, which she can locate from a new supercomputer. Continuing the environmental effects Zargon is implementing, as you fight through weak superbot enemies your energy slowly, but surely, drains. Once you get to the end you fight a typical Boltavolt enemy boss, and if it is defeated you will have rescued the hero and have beaten the (repeatable) quest. Once beaten once, the shop will continue to expand with new level 16-19 weapons for all players. The quest also features new backgrounds and the oh-so-popular random name generator.

My Opinion: The minor Wednesday release was just that, minor, as the only update was the ability to sign up your character for the GEARS Games. I guess you can’t really criticise AE for making such a small minor release, although I’m sure the mechanics and coding behind it took plenty of time, and it’s a nice setup for the GEARS Games. The quest on Friday was nice to stop the string of repeatable quests that seem to take forever, but took the other side of the spectrum with a short and seemingly unsatisfying quest. The plot didn’t really develop any further, as we still don’t know when, where, why, and how the superheroes were kidnapped. All we actually did was rescue them, but just because we did didn’t give us any further knowledge about Zargon and what’s been going on. Nevertheless, the quest was entertaining and fast-paced, and the rewards filled a much-needed level 16-19 gap. Also, the NSRNG (Not So Random Name Generator) has kept some people coming back to attempt to to “rescue” every superhero, although while a nice touch, it doesn’t add a whole lotta depth the overall release.

Overall Grade of Update: 8.0/10. While there were some bright spots (albeit not many), the entire week’s releases were very underwhelming and unimpressive. This is something we had to expect though, with some interesting releases coming up and some release-heavy weeks having just passed by. 



3 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 10/15/08-10/17/08 Updates”

  1. ZamuelNow said

    Couple things:
    1. I heard that there IS some sort of reveal if you rescue 10 superheroes.
    2. Regardless of that you do find out Boltavolt is draining the heroes of their powers
    3. Am I the only one making a big deal about that fact that they finally revealed Nigel’s name?

  2. 1. I have heard rumors as well, didn’t include anything because it’s not confirmed (as far as I know).
    2. True, although didn’t we know that in some way before?
    3. You might be. 😉 At this point all I really see in Nigel being revealed is AE finding a new placeholder to take up this position. For all we know he might be a key figure in the GEARS Games and become an critical NPC in the university storyline, but he also might never be seen again. At this point you can hardly tell, and I look at that kind of feeling as an overreaction to a minor aspect of a minor release, something that may be taking a higher stage because of a lack of something really big to talk about. That’s just my feeling, of course. 😛

  3. Arikromus said

    Yes, it happens. I checked.

    You meet Dr. Bryce Benner, the first Incredible Bulk. He turns into a monster whenever anyone makes him laugh. Boltavolt is powering a new mech, Universo, using the powers of the heroes.

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