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Dragonfable 10/17/08 Release Prediction

Posted by Chickencowlord on October 16, 2008

This week we are scheduled to get some long needed bug fixes and an addition to the Lymcrest.

Bug Fixes!

I might be the only person who is excited about this. But I am, nonetheless. The bugs have been stacking over time, and AE really hasn’t fixed any of them. I’ll be glad when all these bugs, be they annoying or fun, are finally taken out of the game.

Lymcrest Floors

New Lymcrest floors were announced, followed by an evil laugh. I can only assume this means another extreme challenge is planned for this new floor.


Cysero said there may possibl be Mogloween this week, though Rolith mentioned nothing of it. Who knows what could possibly be in store. It sounds like it will be like Frostval, where you must complete each chapter whether you were present when it occured or not. We can hope that with luck, we might get another new armor.


6 Responses to “Dragonfable 10/17/08 Release Prediction”

  1. dorigo said


  2. Rayne said

    You aren’t alone, bugs have been annoying me too. Though now I really have to finish the last couple Lymcrest floors….

    In other news, congrats on breaking 16k visits ;p

  3. Mogloween wasn’t officially announced, unfortunately :(.

  4. dorigo said

    yes it was! read the Oct. 08 Dns and at the bottom of the post: here is a quote-“And on top of all of this, we’re plotting out this year’s Mogloween celebration. It will require you to do last year’s Mogloween as well as complete the NECROPOLIS quest chain before you can help us witrh this year’s disaster. We’ve got some fun in store for you and with some luck we’ll be kicking the party off NEXT friday!”-Cysero Oct 08

  5. ZamuelNow said

    Bug fixing makes me very happy. If I’m lucky, they’ll fix the “vitiligo” problem with the Paladin armor.

  6. I read that. But if it was planned, don’t you think AE would have excited us more about it?

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