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AQ: Analysis of 10/9/08 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on October 15, 2008

Oh me, oh my, another war. Would you look at that, we must love killing stuff! So, without further ado, let us see what we have this (Or last, rather) week.

Look At All the Freaks!! (The Mutant King Attacks!)

Story Analysis:

Well, once more we have a Granemor release, this time in the form of a war. Visia comes to you and General Herous, telling you that the Mutant King has raised an army, and is preparing to attack. Visia also offers her help, but that ruse is dispelled, and the war begins. After defeating the army of Mutants, your character is pressed into battle against the Mutant King. If you win, Visia and the Mutant King run off after being defeated. However, if you lost or pretend to be dead, then the two will discuss their master, Absolix, and how he (it) will deal with their loss. From the dialogue, it sounds as though Absolix doesn’t have the best of intentions for Granemor, but, as always with AE, only time will tell. Story Importance: 7.5/10

Reward, Enemy, Etc. Analysis:

Obviously, since this was a Granemor release, it featured Post-Sweep monsters. A few new monsters made an apperance, including the Frumious Snargle, and the Mutant King. The Mutant King was an extremely tough fight, but beatable, should you be strong enough. Thankfully, you didn’t have to win or fight him to access the rewards. The rewards were a mite bit disappointing, as this is the second week that only magic weapons have taken the stage. The rewards were interesting though, since they gave a nice temporary armor as part of a special. It was a little lacking, but I love a challenge, and this war gave one. Reward, Enemy, Etc. Score: 7/10

Final Notes:

Well, this war gave us a little more insight into the motives of Visia and the Mutant King, as well as being a fairly good farming area. So, therefore, I give this release 7 OMG WTF!! is that, out of 10


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