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Dragonfable Release Analysis: October 10th, 2008

Posted by Chickencowlord on October 14, 2008

Alright, let’s get into this. Sorry for the delay, although it was unavoiable, IMO. (I NEEDED Star Sword! xD). This week, we got another 100-room dungeon (this time with more than 100 rooms! :O) and a Dragesvard Quest.

The Bear Facts (Dragesvard Quest)

This week in Dragesvard, you try to ally with the Ursice Savages, a race of somewhat intelligent bears you had to battle in one of Galanoth’s earlier quests. Galanoth knows an Ursice Shaman whoasked you meet him on this very day and time, and sends you on a raft to meet him. The shaman tells you he forsees great chaos for his people and that they should ally with humans, but they do not believe him. So he wants you to ask to become their ally. It is tradition among their people that when you ask a favor of someone, you give them a gift first. The shaman tells you that there is only one gift that will be truly irresistable that will guarantee the Ursice savages will ally with you: a pic-a-nic basket (ROFL!!!!!). The Frost goblins are having a picnic nearby. You fight through them, get the basket, then have to fight a few Ursice savages as you near their village. When you approach the leader of the savages, he first refuses to give you any help. So you start to take the picnic basket away. Then he quickly changes his mind and allies with you.

Review: Dragesvard is finally starting to go uphill. This quest was VERY enjoyable and fighting so many monsters without a heal greatly tested my endurance. While there were only two types of enemies, fighting them didn’t get too annoying since the battles were reletively short. The art for the area was beautiful, some of the best since the Ice Elf’s city. What really helped the quest stay alive wasthe dialogue and story. Although it wasn’t the deepest story in the world, it had some hilarious references and kept the quest alive. Overall, this was probably one of my favorite Dragesvard quests and I can only hope it gets better from here. Score: 9.5/10

The Crypt (Amityvale Quest)

This newest Amityvale quest was added so to hype us up for Mogloween. While it doesn’t really have ANYTHING to do with Mogloween, it is still an interesting addition to the game. This is another dungeon simillar to the 100 room one, but this one goes even farther and has 144 rooms. You must fight through hordes of undead enemies while collecting Sanguine Roses for Thursday to put in her garden. The more roses you get, the better the reward at the end.

Review: Despite being rediculously long, I liked this quest. It presents a nice challenge while bringing back some forgotten enemies. Although the quest got tedious at moments, it was pretty good. Though the lack of story just makes me sad :(. The weapons are good, though I didn’t pick them up. Being a level 40, they were a bit useless to me. But I’m sure they are excellent for the levels they are provided for. Score: 8.0/10


Overall Score of Upgrade: 9.0/10



3 Responses to “Dragonfable Release Analysis: October 10th, 2008”

  1. archie said

    well, the new crypt weapons are the best non-DC wind weapons..
    theyre even the best for DA holders without DCs, even though only level 34..
    the crypt is extremely annoying if you lose ~10k xp due to a bug or accident..
    its quite good fun though..

  2. Actually, I’ve yet to collect four roses because I always accidently click something and leave the page DX

  3. ZamuelNow said

    While it is a pity that the new Thursday quest lacked storyline (unless AE has a followup planned…) it was nice to have the challenge. Dragesvard is slowly getting better and better due to the references to older cartoons.

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