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Dragonfable 10/03/08 Release Analysis

Posted by Chickencowlord on October 8, 2008

AE had a lot on their plate last week. With TWO player challenges as well as a Nythera Quest, Lymcrest revamp (I don’t review them, as I don’t think they’re major enough) and an extra bonus for founders of DF.

Xan’s Challenge Fight

You can now talk to Xan in Falconreach. He offers a challenge fight against his most powerful creation. He claims that if you defeat it, he will give up on his insane ways. It is a level 50 fight, with as much HP as a weak titan. He has a defense attack, which increases his defense by 60 for two turns, and an attack that stuns you for 3 turns. It is quite a challenge indeed, and I’d recommend Dragonlord or Deathknight to face it. After defeating the Magman, you enrage Xan. It was his greatest creation, and now it is gone! It enrages him to the point that he once again gains his evil spark and swares to have his revenge on you, defeating the whole purpose of that battle. Level 48 rewards are dropped afterwards.

Review: I really liked this quest. DF hasn’t had a good challenge for quite a while. Being level 40, I’ve yet to beat it. Though the attack animations can be somewhat boring, the fight is still pretty fun. I’m pretty sure I cold win a level 40 with the DLA if it weren’t for his stun. It’s three turns, and completely destroys my chance most of the time. when I finally beat him, I’ll post about it and update this post with any plot revelations I liked. I love that AE is finally adding some drops with good damage for levels above 40. Score: 8.5/10


It’s Elementary! (Nythera’s Quest)

Nythera has a new quest in store for you. This quest takes place a little after Nythera becomes Warlic’s apprentice. You are once again playing the game as young Nythera. Nythera is eager to use her magic, but Warlic forbids it. He tells Nythera she can have her magic if she confronts the elementals for their wisdom. When each of the elements talk to Nythera, she is arrgant and says dragons are better than any of them. She battles the elements to prove it. The result is that elementals start resenting humans, making it much harder for a certain hero to stop a certain Pyromancer. Warlic refuses to give Nythera her magic, further angering her.

Review: I greatly enjoyed this quest as well. Nythera’s chain really is making up for the generally lackluster quests in the Dragesvard chain. While this quest doesn’t have the most thrilling battles, it is definitely interesting story-wise. I can’t wait to see the next quest in this chain. Score: 8.0/10


Founder’s DC Bonus

Founders got a bonus of 200 DCs. Yep, it’s as simple as that.

Review: While I myself am not a founder, I like the fact they are getting bonuses. I ctually think this is a little too small. Perhaps an armor or a special weapon. 200 DCs seems a little meager to me. I won’t give this a number score since it is such a small addition, but I wanted to note it.


Overall Score: 8.0/10


7 Responses to “Dragonfable 10/03/08 Release Analysis”

  1. Arikromus said

    I beat that giant Magman. Level 41.
    Ranger armour works for me. I’ve beaten him as Rogue, though. He’s annoying, but he’s no threat if he can’t hit you. Plus, training your healing potions to the max helps.

  2. Arikromus said

    Just in: Beat him with Dragonlord.
    Mainly based around Pierce, Rush, and Scale.

  3. Arikromus said

    Ah, yes. As well as Heal. That thing is seriously amazing when partnered with Scale. Of course, that one time I resisted his stun helped…even so. I still had a potion left.

    And I’m still searching for the dagger.

  4. Congrats, Arikromus!

  5. ZamuelNow said

    I have not beaten him but I did get him below 800HP with Necromancer. I’m level 20…

  6. Amazing, Zam. I was thinking of Necro or Ranger as well. P[umpkinlord would also do a fine job, but unfortunately it isn’t available to me.

  7. I just beat him with Deathknight. It was surprisingly easy with it. I’d recommend Deathknight if you have the mana to burn.

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