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MechQuest: Analysis of 10/08/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on October 8, 2008

This week’s so-called “minor” release was actually a weapon releasing bonanza, with over 60 new weapons (yes, that means a LOT more work for the Ultimate MechQuest Spreadsheet ;)).About: The minor release of the week wasn’t so minor after all, with a grand total of 60+ free player, Star Captain, and Nova Gem weapons of all levels released in Zargon. There are so many weapons at Zargon now that Warlic is creating a similar interface to Tek’s Mechs to accomodate them! The weapons range through the Front Arm, Back Arm, Front Shoulder, and Back Shoulder slots, and the weapons range through levels 6, 12, 15, 22, and 25. The weapons all have their own unique effects, but the ultra-powerful combo attacks will be released later this week.

My Opinion: For the minor release this week, AE did an amazing job with a H-U-G-E batch of new weapons, the most ever released in one day! A lot of people are complaining about two things: First, that level 25 free players don’t get any new level 25 weapons, and second, that the level gaps between weapons is two big. To address the first issue: Free players already have level 25 mechs and some other level 25 weapons, so for them to complain because just one week they don’t get level 25 weapons when Star Captains do is pushing their playing limits. As free players, they are at the mercy of AE and what they decide to do with them, and if they decide that just one week Star Captains will get a decisive advantage on the *minor* release, then who are they to complain? For the second issue, I would have been have happier to see instead of two FA’s, BA’s, FS’s, and BS’s per level (listed above) that there would be just one of each but with double the levels listed. This would help close some much-needed gaps that have been created as a result of this and other releases. Besides this minor quirk, I absolutely love the new weapons, even without the combos that could be ground-breaking. The weapon’s looks and animations are some of the best in the game, and having so many options for so many weapon slots is great! This is a fantastic setup to the build-a-bear mech workshop being released on Friday.

Overall Grade of Update: 9.5/10. Overall, a fantastic setup release to the main Friday one, so well done AE!

Enjoy! 🙂


One Response to “MechQuest: Analysis of 10/08/08 Update”

  1. ZamuelNow said

    I actually can’t think of a single non rare, buyable, non SC weapon at level 25 😦

    Also, I like the doubled setups since it give much needed BA and BS weapons. I just wish that specifically they had some weapons between the infamous 15-20 gap. They’ve filled that gap as far as mechs are concerned but not for non Rare weapons.

    Can’t wait to see how the combos work…

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