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DragonFable Stats: In Need of Changes?

Posted by alabamapitty on October 7, 2008

Alright, I may not be Chickencowlord, but I feel that this is a subject that must be dealt with, and soon! For a long time, Dragonfable has had stats, but some of them lack uses. This defeats the purpose of having them all together, which irks me. So let’s evaluate them, shall we?Note that some of these evaluations are not all, shall we say, complete, as I have almost never used Luck or Charisma. That’s why I’m counting on you all to comment and help me out!


This stat is essential for all melee users. Strength increases damage, up to a 20% boost. Sadly, this means that at this time, the most you need as far as strength goes is 32, since the highest damage weapon has random damage of, if I am not mistaken, 79. So (And again, I’ll probably be wrong on this little tidbit, point it out if I am), you multiply the random damage time 20% (79*.02=15.8), then double it (15.8*2=31.6), which means, after rounding, that 32 is the maximum strength you need for all melee weapons. Sadly, this means that at higher levels, basically after level 32, strength does not need training, and is left behind.

Solution to the Problem:

Rework strength so that it gives a boost based on more factors, such as level. This would require a lot of re-balancing, since weapon damage would need to be changed a lot. Still, I can’t think of any other ways of fixing it. This is one of the better balanced stats.


Yet another essential skill. If you are a magic user or use gas-guzzling armors (such as Deathknight and Necromancer) then you know the value of this stat. The problem is similar to the strength situation however. After a 20% bonus to damage, Intelligence loses much of its usefulness. Of course, it also gives you more mana, but that too is somewhat problematic. Number crunchers will tell you that by the time you have 35 intelligence, that you will almost never run out of mana, so yet again, at high levels this stat deserves no more attention. Doesn’t mean I won’t train it though.

Solution to the Problem:

Obviously this is similar to the strength argument. Look at the weapons and make the Intelligence boost much more useful. Similarly to strength, this stat is balanced quite well.


Yet another extremely important stat, and perhaps the last one that will have a real impact on your game. Endurance improves your health, giving you 5 HP per point. Obviously, this helps, since we only seem to have enemies that hit hard, rather than enemies that require strategy. But that’s another cup of tea altogether. What endurance does, however, is limit any need for strategy. Rather than look at making Dexterity more useful, the likelihood is that players would simply pay points into Endurance and be done with it.

Solution to this Problem:

If we are ever to change things so that some stats, such as Dexterity (getting to it), can be more useful, that Endurance will have to stay almost the same. Adding too much, such as blocking bonuses, would only confound the problem. Unless Dexterity is given a larger environ to work in, which I’ll get to now.


Aha! We have gotten to the first of the fairly useless stats. Dexterity increases ranged damage. Anything else? *Waits…* *Crickets start chirping* … Nope. That’s it. The only way you will ever really use Dexterity is in the Ranger armor, since the bulk of its attacks deal in ranged damage. But many players won’t be willing to train a stat for one armor, considering how expensive untraining is, and since AE is always waiting to release more armors, which probably won’t need Dexterity anyway.

Solution to the Problem:

Dexterity needs some more uses. In order for it to be useful outside of the Ranger armor, it needs to increase something else, perhaps defense. Every point in Dexterity could increase blocking percentage. Of course, in order for this stat to really be useful, ranged weaponry would be needed, but that won’t be coming for a long, long, long… *fades into silence* long time. So, there you go.


Well then, little old luck. Luck has even less use than Dexterity. They say that luck increases some little things, but it really does next to nothing. Sure it increases the success of a few stat rolls, and it increases the chance that your pet dragon might do a special attack, but Charisma does that too, and at this point, there’s no point in wasting time on a stat that is outclassed by another.

Solution to the problem:

Give luck a lot of little things that, when added together, make Luck worth it. Do it like Mechquest did, giving Luck bonuses to hit, small bonuses to dodge, bonuses to stun resistance (which it might already have, I don’t think anyone knows yet), and other small things that really add up.


Last, and not certainly not least (Luck took care of that), we have Charisma. Charisma is supposed to increase the damage of pets, and maybe guests. It does this, but it doesn’t increase the effectiveness of the already slightly useless pets.

Solution to the Problem:

Basically, you would need to make pets a lot more significant then they are now. There isn’t a lot other than this, that I can think of at least. Maybe the more Charisma you have, the more of your pets stats could be included to your own. Like, for every point, you would get a greater percentage of their stats, which would make it a bit better. I need you guys on this one.

Final Notes:

Alright, so basically what we’re looking at here is that you only really need two stats to succeed. Strength if you’re a warrior or rogue, Intelligence if you’re a mage, and Endurance regardless. If you want to branch out and use other armors, you might want to increase another stat, but using the base armors, that’s all you need. This post might be filled with my own opinions, so I need you guys to call me on it. Tell me when you think I’m wrong, tell me your suggestions; AE needs the support and help of its players, so let’s do it! Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen! If you have read all of this extremely lengthy post, than you get a huge, gargantuan, chocolate chip cookie!


7 Responses to “DragonFable Stats: In Need of Changes?”

  1. Arikromus said

    Yay! Chocolate!

    I, personally, train Dexterity in hopes that it might, just might, do something. In the meantime, Ranger!

    You are quite right about using just the base armours, though. Other than, recently, Ranger, for the Magman, I use my base the entire time, for the whole game. It’s kinda sad, though, that I find the base armours to be the strongest…mainly.

  2. Arikromus said

    Let’s try that again. After “Yay! Chocolate!” insert [munch munch munch]. Same after “In the meantime, Ranger!”.

    To use any armour other than the base armour, you need to have a DA. Otherwise, the armour is just about useless compared to the base. [munch munch munch]

  3. ZamuelNow said

    Actually, non DA Necromancer and non DA ranger are pretty nice.

    As far as stats, I was under the impression from various posts that most pets don’t actually use CHA like they should and thus LUK is the better stat to train.

  4. alabamapitty said

    But you’re really wasting points either way, since they do next to nothing. Charisma supposedly increases pet damage, and Luck supposedly does little stuff, but I fail to see a significant or worthwhile change from either. This is another one of those, “Coming Soon” things that we see too often in DF. One or two weeks of work without a normal release could fix this, but our childish players don’t want to wait, so that won’t be happening any time soon.

    Oh, by the way, you may have a cup of caramel for your cookie as well.

  5. Grr……

    I was going to post about this. Lol

  6. Arikromus said

    Oh, thanks. [munch munch munch]
    I’ve used Luck, since I’ve gone to the absolute useful limit of Strength, and I see very little difference. Almost none, in fact.
    Ah, well. Maybe someday.

    [drinks from the cup of caramel]
    Ah! Hot hot hot!
    [runs out of the room screaming]
    [runs back in and grabs caramel before running out again]

  7. ZamuelNow said

    >>Charisma supposedly increases pet damage, and Luck supposedly does little stuff<<

    While the damage boost is fail, one of them does increase the chance of baby dragon/Linus/(Greg?) using their special.

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