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AQ: Analysis of 10/2/08 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on October 5, 2008

Once more, we have a release! Hey, I was on time. Pretty snazzy I think. This week had a ridiculous release, which I’m all about. Let’s go!

AE took a bit of a break this week, making a funny quest, rather than the serious releases of the past few weeks. Yay!

Jypley’s Believe it or Not! (Museum of the Strange and Bizarre):

Story Analysis:

This quest focuses on the retrieval of Zorbak’s staff, which was stolen by a rogue for whatever reason. After hunting the rogue, finding him, and defeating him, you are teleported into a magic cage, by a small man named Jypley. Jypley owns ‘The Museum of the Strange and Bizarre’, and since you stole his staff, he’s making you the new exhibit. What’s better than someone who can carry eight huge swords- plus pets and shields- in a small backpack, doesn’t seem to ever die, and never needs to sleep, eat, or drink! In the museum, one saw a shrunken Zard head, a real live Elephant man (Elfephant), and a glass Zeel. Other attractions, not fightable sadly, included the Tofu Koofu, Pickled Punk, and Two-Headed Moglin. Story Importance Hilarity 7/10

Reward, Enemy, Etc. Analysis:

This quest didn’t seem to live up to the past few weeks of difficulty. The enemies in this quest-while fun- were just re-colorations or variations of old monsters. Jypley was fun though. You get to fight a midget with a cane; what’s not to love? 😉 Anywho, the rewards for this quest featured magic wind weapons, and new pets, including the Pickled Punk and Pygmy Zard Legion. Not overly exciting, but fun none-the-less. Reward, Enemy, Etc. Score 6.5/10

Final Analysis and Score:

The team seemed to take a small break from big stuff this week, and instead through out a great, funny release. Some people may not have liked the fact that it didn’t have a lot of stuff, but it’s fine with me. This Release Gets 7 Shrunken Zard Heads (RIBARG!!) Out of 10!


4 Responses to “AQ: Analysis of 10/2/08 Release”

  1. Arikromus said

    Aargh! Rouge instead of rogue! Aargh!

    Now that that’s over…
    I personally liked this release, as there wasn’t too much plot about something really dangerous. More plain, ol’ fun than anything else. No worrying about stuff that’s trying to destroy Lore, just escape the Museum of DOOM the Strange and Bizarre. Enjoyable, overall.

  2. I know how much that bothers people, so I’ve edited the rouge words to rogue. 😛

  3. alabamapitty said

    Oh noes! My grammar has been criticized! I apologize, I have failed you. ;-( *Wink wink* I’ll try not to do that from now on. I know, rouge is a color, rogue is a thief. Can do!

  4. Arikromus said

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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