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MechQuest: Analysis of 10/1/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on October 2, 2008

This week’s Wednesday “minor” release included many bug fixes, a new interface at the bottom of the screen, a Tek’s Mech’s interface overhaul in conjuction with a Special Shop merge, a new founders-only level 25 mecha, and new backgrounds and fireworks for MechQuest’s one-year anniversary!About: The “highlight” of this week’s release was the new iteration of the founders mecha, this time a level 25 Knightron AU. The mech is one of the best in the game, and is receiving tons of attention. There was a new interface change at the bottom of the screen, with a more advanced and futuristic look and feel. The Special Shop popup shop was merged into Tek’s Mechs, which also received an interface upgrade. Soluna City’s main area went into night mode and fireworks went off to celebrate MechQuest’s one-year anniversary. Finally, many, many bugs were fixed throughout the week.

My Opinion: A lot of people are upset that this release didn’t include much for non-founders. In a sense, they are right. However, people are forgetting that this was the minor release of the week, and more is coming on Friday. I thought AE did an excellent job with the new Founders mecha, and while I think it might be slightly overpowered, I’m okay with that since it should be an upper-tier mech. I love the specials of the default weapons, and they complement each other nicely. The gold look is also one of the best in the game. I also think AE did an amazing job with the new interface. The new and improved look is much more futuristic and advanced, and I love that. I have been lobbying for a Tek’s Mechs-Special Shop merge for what seems like forever (as well as a Tek’s Mechs upgrade), and both happened today, which really pleased me. I’ve always hated the Special Shop because it’s not really a “shop” and just kinda sits there, and it made perfect sense to move it over to Tek’s Mechs, so it’s great to see that in action.

Overall Grade of Update: 9.5/10. Considering that this was the minor release of the week and we have more mechs and a new minigame coming on Friday, AE did a fine job with this release. Nice job!



5 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 10/1/08 Update”

  1. Rayne said

    Hmm, well, now Tek’s shop seems just a bit cluttered, especially the Nova Gem mecha shop, but overall it was definitely a good idea, and it makes a lot more sense than ignoring Tek for another year. ;P Besides, it’s a lot easier to find stuff now that the shop has been reorganized.

    Though I still don’t trust that Floorivator….

  2. alabamapitty said

    This release was excellent, filling in a lot of loose ends that have been wanted for a long time. Plus, now everything is in one place, and is a lot easier to access. Also, I noticed the ‘Rare Tech’ button sports a ‘Coming Soon’ sign, so maybe those who have verified their accounts in the other AE games will see the release of some nice mecha and weapons. Good to see loose ends tied up!

  3. Lemmy7003 said

    Awosome Release! I glad that founder’s got somthing. I wonder how you “win” mech models?

    Also,Peanut master, I’m Riku7003 on the forums

  4. Arikromus said

    All true, but Volt Lance is so reasonably close to the Knighttron AU. Some people are even arguing that the Volt Lance is stronger.

    Essentially, Volt Lance removed any benefit to Founders.

  5. alabamapitty said

    Yes, but you have to remember that the Volt Thorn and its new iterations are going rare, and soon. The New Knightron for the Founders is a permanent fixture. They’re both super-rares, what does it matter? 😉

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