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MechQuest: Analysis of 9/24/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on September 25, 2008

This week’s release saw the official opening of Planet Zargon, with new difficulty settings, destructible battle environments, new head rewards, and even a Batman enemy!

About: Planet Zargon opened for real this week to all players, fit with a bunch of interesting new things to check out. Zargon’s superheroes, who always protected and inhabited the planet, have been kidnapped by the nefarious Dr. Boltavolt, and now he is sending in his enemy superbots to destroy the planet! It is up to you, along with the help of temporary headquarters office assistant Selina, to stop Dr. Boltavolt in his tracks and find the missing heroes! Selina thinks she knows a way to stop the superbots, but she needs your help to retrieve any mecha parts you can get your hands on, which leads us into the first quest of Zargon: Going out and killing superbots. While it seems a bit bland on the outside, the first destructible battle environment spices things up, adding extra animations and, more importantly, key battles effects such as reducing cooldowns, damaging both enemies, and adding DoTs. The new enemies also introduce a key new feature: Difficulty selecting. We had seen this in the Westion finale with a normal boss and an extreme boss, and this continues with all the enemies having the option to be fought in either normal, hard, or extreme mode. Also, after collecting ten mecha parts through successful dice rolls (yes, it’s them again), you will gain access to some new heads as rewards.

My Opinion: AE finally stopped a string of weird and out-of-the-ordinary release weeks, putting out updates on Thursday and Friday instead of Wednesday and instead of releasing one major release, instead releasing some minor ones. I’m definitely glad to see them get back to normal scheduling with a fresh new planet, which is shaping up very well so far. I was glad to see a little more plot development from last week included in the new quest, as we now know that Selina is planning on creating a new mecha to counter the superbots. That transitioned well into the new quest, which features two interesting features to differentiate if from other quests. First of all, the enemies have three difficulty levels to choose from: Normal, Hard, and Xtreme. This was an excellent idea by AE to satisfy all players, from the casual to the casualcore (made up word) to the hardcore, and everyone gets something they like. A new enemy was also introduced, which was not only a nice spoof of Batman but also another very well made enemy, continuing to improve the already-strong enemy corps in Zargon. We also got the first sniff of destructible battle environments, which add to the realism and depth of the battle. AE did a nice job incorporating this element by not making it too useless but not also making it play too big a role on the outcome. I was hoping we would have some kind of control over how the environment plays a factor, but I guess it’s okay they didn’t incldue it in the first release. The new rewards seem to be upsetting a lot of people since they aren’t the best and aren’t really “uber”, but I’m honestly perfectly fine with that. If every new release came out with new “uber” stuff nothing would actually be uber and we’d start going through a paradox, which doesn’t make any sense. These heads are nice options for certain situations and warrant taking a look at it, and AE did what they wanted to do in this respect, which I agree with. The reviving of the dice roll was slightly disappointing, but Warlic was able to stay away from it for a relatively long time, so I’m not terribly upset this highly annoying feature returned. Besides, the dice roll isn’t too hard at all in Zargon. 😉

Overall Grade of Update: 9.0/10. Besides a few minor quirks (us not having control over battle environments, return of dice rolls, very short quest) and an overall predictability factor in this release, AE did an excellent job with a solid start on Zargon and a fantastic new strategic factor. I defintely can’t make any major complains about this release. 😛



7 Responses to “MechQuest: Analysis of 9/24/08 Update”

  1. BladeofAwe said

    Bug?: When I try to fly to Vargon, I can’t find it!

  2. *Sigh* I hate these enemies. Without skills I have to battle just praying that they don’t use a special, because if they do, I am guaranteed to die. More luck than strategy in those battles, IMO.

  3. Rayne said

    Yes, the effects take some planning around, but generally I just used a modified version of my normal strategy. (Now, before anyone starts complaining about me being arrogant, this was facing level 25 enemies set to extreme mode) I’m not saying I didn’t lose any fights, since I did. Quite a few, in fact. But what really disappointed me was that I was expecting to have to improvise, take a risk here, use a defensive strategy there, change my equipment up a little for different enemies – and it turns out that winning depends on luck. I may have joined a house themed on that very thing, but that doesn’t mean I want everything determined by a dice roll! *sighs* At least the stats aren’t as ridiculous as in the Mysterious Portal war.

    That said, the new enemy/exploding battleground is quite nice, and the head seems like it could work well on my secondary. Besides that, the new NPC has a very interesting backstory, something that has been lacking recently, and I’m looking forward to how Zargon turns out. As Peanut said, it’s a good start.

  4. @BladeofAwe: Zargon can be found through the “New Release” button in Soluna City. It is not part of the Star Map and you can not access it from your Starship.

    @Chickencowlord: Fighting the easiest enemies I haven’t even come close to dieing, and am always alive with 100+ HP. When I fight the Xtreme enemies my chances are severely weakened to around 50/50, which is what I’d expect from the Xtreme enemies. I think people in general are forgetting about “standalone” weapons (weapons that aren’t defaults) and are sticking with a default-oriented house to battle with, which just doesn’t work here. There are many strategies you can use to beat these new enemies, such as a DoT setup, EP draining setup, a stunning setup (using the Trophy Arm to lower immobility resist + stun is a fantastic one-weapon strategy), and if you have honestly tried every weapon combo with every mecha combo and you still can’t beat any enemies on normal (a fact I find hard to believe), you can always rip out a Katana and equip it with high-level weapons to do the dirty work. Yes, there is luck involved in the battles (there always is), but I don’t see it as being the deciding factor in who wins, at least on the normal battles.

  5. ZamuelNow said

    While I really like Zargon, I’m disappointed to fight yet another set of “monster” style mechs than ones that have equips. Mecha with equips can be planned for and there are strategies with them that can’t be used on monster style mechs. Also, I wish there was a bit more control over the destructable environments.

  6. Darkness II said

    Hey what do i do with the 20 Mechparts that i collected?

  7. ZamuelNow said

    Just wait. People are predicting that the parts will be used for a mecha but no one knows when the release for it will be.

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