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AQ: Analysis of 9/18/08 Release

Posted by alabamapitty on September 23, 2008

Yarrgghhhh! Get ye grog and floggin’ stick, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day! A great day in the AQ world, TLaPD is an annual event that everyone enjoys! I can’t review a war until it’s over, so here’s the analysis! Read on….General Overview: As always, TLaPD has you doing various things alongside Captain Rhubarb, such as answering pirate trivia, shooting his Trobble out of a cannon, and beating up PieRats. It was lacking in a few ways though….

General Pros: As always TLaPD incorperates minigames, rather than just pummeling enemies. Shooting Floyd, the Trobble, out of a cannon and then navigating him through the air is fun to say the very least. Answering pirate questions is also a crowd-pleaser, testing your noggin’, something AQ needs more of. Nice rewards, including pets, spells, and weapons. The boss was also difficult, adding strategy to the game. Score: 8/10

General Cons: Sadly, this year of TLaPD lacked a little on variety. True there was a war, but it wasn’t particularly great. The enemies weren’t particularly farmable, which accounts for a lot of most wars. Also, the prize chests for the war only included a new set of spells, and pets that have been available for the past few years. Sorry Charle, only the best releases get high scores! 6/10

Final Review: TlaPD is a great event, always making you use your head and think out how to get the rewards. Even if there weren’t that many new ones, the ones that are available are still useful today. Yarggghhh, I gotta give this Piratical release, 7 and a half bottles of Grog, out of 10. Yarrrggghhh!


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