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Hope For Dragonfable’s “Coming Soon” Areas Yet?

Posted by Chickencowlord on September 21, 2008

As you prebably know, one of DF’s biggest issues is the huge mass of “Coming Soon” areas in it, and they’ve only been building up as more zones are released. From paths, to shops, to quests, there is a huge amount of content that is supposedly in the works, and has been that way for a long time. The last patching of something like this I can remember is Reens’ Alchemy Shop, which she had been “Getting prepared to open” for about a year, if not more. But it sounds as if there may be hope. This is a quote by Rolith (the thread was deleted):


The situation’s a bit more … fluid than that cactii, if we were all working on the same thing, very little would get done. 

For example there’s only so much I can do code-wise without the art / interface for it, everyone’s got things they’re able to do and they all depend on other people to do, so what you’re working on is largely a product of what’s ready for you to work on 😛 Not that there isn’t always something to work on, it’s just not always connected to “the release” coming this week or the zone that’s currently the focus. 

As for “finishing” stuff, I’d like to think we’re getting to a lot of things that have been missed before, and a lot of what’s “missing” is “missing” because of good reason (bringing friends along would be totally de-balancing to the 9th degree. So on.) 

Lots of what is left is not in game for some various reasons, either major game-play changing thing or time/energy investment required. Other stuff isn’t forgotten (lots of the “coming soon!” paths will be filled in as the world of lore opens up more, for example) 


I can only hope that this was the complete truth.


2 Responses to “Hope For Dragonfable’s “Coming Soon” Areas Yet?”

  1. ZamuelNow said

    I doubt they’d have any reason to “lie”. At the same time, I see two things. Half of this HAS come to fruition (return of Nythera, large amount of explorability in Dragesvard, finishing the Pirate/Ninja inns, Lymcrest). The other half is that a lot of this WON’T come for quite some time. As a programmer, Rolith might have the ability to fix stuff but if all the artists are busy with other projects then he might as well be sitting on his hands. Lack of artist participation can kill any project ranging from comics to videogames.

  2. BladeofAwe said

    One area is in Warlics Zone where there are several paths that say: This path has not opened…YET!

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