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Dragonfable September 19th Release Analysis

Posted by Chickencowlord on September 21, 2008

Sorry about the lack of a prediction, but they pretty much spilled everything out on Thursday’s design notes. We had a lot of really small releases this week…

Greg’s Hide and Seek

Probably the biggest release this week, you have to chase Greg the cricket all around Dragonfable through 10 quests. As a reward for your efforts, you get Rolth’s hammer as a temporary item.

Review: I think this is better than the Fire Element of DOOM by far. This required a little more time to figure it out, plus it was an actual NEW monster.  Though I feel a much bigger release could have come.Score: 8.0/10

Armor Closet

Finally a way to conveiniently have access to all your armors is here! A house item that holds all armors has been released. It can be bought over the weekend for 500 DCs, but the price will raise to 1000 afterwards.

Review: This is a fantastic feature to add to DF despite the fact that it cost DCs. You can get all of your armors (including the Mogloween-exclusive Pumpkinlord Armor) in one conveinient closet. I think the price is a bit too high, however. Score:9.0/10

A Second Thought: First time I’ve done this, but I have a second thought on the DC pricing of the closet. Let’s look over at MQ and Maria 5. Access to EVERY outfit for FREE. Why isn’t it that the closet could at least just cost gold? It feels like all I’m actually paying DCs is for Pumpkinlord and Monkee Armors…

Magic Mirror

The other major item added to the shop was a magic mirror costing 500 gold. When you click on the mirror it takes you to a quest with a circle of monsters. Each monster gives out around 20 gold, as this quest was made for gold farming.

Review: This is a pretty good piece of furniture considering it cost gold and actually has a functionality. The quest has a variety of underused monsters and then some. While it isn’t the best farming ever, it is pretty good at around 227 gold per go with a level 40 and every monster dying in a few turns. Score: 8.5/10

Cysero’s Superstore of Savings!

Cysero got several new weapons for DCs in his shop on Friday

Review: Meh, more DC weapons…. Score: 7.0/10

Overall Score: 8.0


5 Responses to “Dragonfable September 19th Release Analysis”

  1. alabamapitty said

    I think the emphasis DC items are given is too much! They say that this is an alternative option for those who don’t want to farm for an item, but then we do farm, and it’s still weaker. I feel… cheated. The vast majority of the Dragesvard quests lack drops, and here the DC shop just keeps growing. I love the mirror, and Greg, but AE seems to be getting a little greedy lately. I know it’s a company, but still…

  2. Couldn’t agree with that statement more, Alabama. I can see how this is starting to really take on steam in these latest releases/higher levels, and it’s an issue with DragonFable I’ve seen in MechQuest for a long, long time. It’s just unfortunate AE is suddenly shifting their immense attention to DC stuff.

    One other thought regarding the DC Armor Closet: How come AE doesn’t make armors save after logout? It seems like they have the functionality to do so, so I’m wondering why they haven’t.

  3. ZamuelNow said

    My guess on the reason why they don’t save armors when you equip, coming from my small knowledge as a programmer, is that while it isn’t that “hard” to add the functionality they will be forced to change/edit/upgrade some of their older code which stands a chance of breaking things really bad if done wrong.

    Since I just upgraded to DA I had extra DCs and bought the Armor Closet but I agree that the DC situation is far worse than NGs have ever been.

  4. Dragonfable used to be the best about those kind of items. It was just weapons or a way to cheat out of farming for things like Dr. Voltabolt farming. Now it’s becoming like MQ, where every release includes DCs in some way. The closet was something many players REALLY wanted, and they limit it to DCs. It saddens me, really.

  5. Zamuel, the staff themselves save their armor in DF. It is in place, they are choosing not to release it.

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