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Dragonfable September 12th Release Analysis

Posted by Chickencowlord on September 16, 2008

This week we got lots of tiny releases. Gold bonus weekend, two new quests, and a few other small things not worth mentioning. Anyway…

Gold Bonus Weekend

All players got a +5% gold bonus this week for no apparent reason. I’m guessing it’s because MQ had gotten a bonus and DF needed to catch up with that.

Review: I had higher hopes for this release, but was disappointed. 5% gold bonus is almost nothing for higher levels. Not even 10% for DLs?+. It’s okay, but not as useful as MQ’s various bonuses recently. Score: 6/10

Dragesvard: New Quest and Additions

In Dragesvard, a new quest was released, as well as Glanoth added as a permanent guest. In the release you are on a mission to save Galanoth. Not knowing where he will be held captive, you decide the quickest way to find him would be captured yourself. The elf catches you as you are entering, but you have to knock yourself out because the elf does a bit of a poor job (lol). Anywhom, Gary was demoted to jailkeeper and accidently locked you outside the cell. You use this to free Galanoth. You then must battle your way through a horde of Ice Elves.

Review: This was probably my favorite Dragesvard quest so far, despite it being almost identical to the last, it had so much more diologue and a new guest to boot. Thought the gameplay is pretty Linear, it has lots of story revelations, and was very good for the plot. Score: 8/10

Nythera’s New Quest

Nythera has a new quest this weekend. Her chain is actually developing a plot in a Green Mist style quest. Nythera’s parents are trying to contact Warlic about Appretencship  and they tell Nythera not to do any magic while they are gone. Of course, Nythera can’t resist the temptation and starts using her fathers alchemy materials to conjure up a spell. You have to collect 7 ingredients and fight a monsters to get each one.

Review: I enjoyed this quest more than I thought I would have. It was greatly improved from the Green Mist. You actually have skills now. I was also pleasantly surprised at the new monsters in this quest. I hope to see them in normal quests as well. Score: 8/10

Overall Score: 7.3 I don’t know how it came out as that, lol.


One Response to “Dragonfable September 12th Release Analysis”

  1. BladeofAwe said


    Thers a gltich in the dragsvard quest where you can have 2 gals!

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