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Why DragonFable Should Stay DragonFable

Posted by The Peanut Master on September 14, 2008

In the recent releases in MechQuest, a couple of DragonFable’s main characters made an appearance in MechQuest. The first, Sepulchure, was introduced as the unbeatable “Doom Lord” as the boss monster in the Mysterious Johnson war, while the second, the mysterious stranger appeared out of the portal of the war and is now what appears to be a permanent figure outside of Mysterious Johnson’s shop, currently offering upgrades to the recent Sepulchure mecha.Now that you have a little background on DragonFable’s very recent influence on MechQuest, let me tell you why I shouldn’t be making this post at all: Because DragonFable should not have this much of an impact on MechQuest.Β Period. No questions asked. Sure, crossovers between the games are nice and provide some interesting opportunities, but there’s a limit, and AE crossed it by a mile.

Let’s start with Sepulchure, DragonFable’s prime identifiable villain. Sepulchure is the ultimate bad guy in DragnoFable, and the entire storyline of DragonFable revolves around him. Sepulchure is actually one of the most important characters in DragonFable, and is one of the most important DragonFable-only characters in the game. To suddenly put this prime villain into MechQuest as a boss monster seems to do DragonFable some kind of unjustness, taking what DragonFable is so easily identified by and shoving it into MechQuest. The Devourer is AdventureQuest, Sepulchure is DragonFable, and the ShadowScythe is MechQuest. AE has given all indications that each main villain is for its one game and its one game only, and that idea was breached for what seems to be the first time last week. MechQuest already has a main opposition, the ShadowScythe, so not only does it seem weird and out of the ordinary to suddenly shove Sepulchure into the spotlight, but it doesn’t make any sense plot-wise either. Overall, not only is it a head-scratcher, it was a bad decision, and I’m hoping we see nothing of Sepulchure anywhere else in MechQuest either.

Now let’s move on to the mysterious stranger. He/she/it (I’ll refer to him as a he for now) is also a very major character in DragonFable, and is the epitomy of the Doom weapons, the most powerful weapons in the game. DragonFable has the mysterious stranger and MechQuest has Mysterious Johnson. End of story. No debate. Again, for AE to suddenly take one of DragonFable’s prime characters and shove him into MechQuest not once, but twice does so much injustice to DragonFable and still doesn’t add anything to MechQuest plot-wise. And the worst about the mysterious stranger is that he appears to be in MechQuest to stay, making a permanent little home outside the Mysterious Emporium, upgrading the doom Sepulchure mecha for players (doesn’t that feel like a DragonFable statement?).

Overall, AE has made a huge mistake putting key DragonFable players into MechQuest, and they need to correct this mistake before it’s too late.


21 Responses to “Why DragonFable Should Stay DragonFable”

  1. Rayne said

    *claps* My thoughts exactly. Now, I have no objections to crossovers. They’re quite fun when done right, both in fanfic and online RPGs. This isn’t a crossover, though, it’s a merger. And I do have an objection to mergers, whether they’re done well or are just a waste of words. You are not supposed to take a character from one game (or book) and permanently place it in another. Unless the character adjusts well to your story, or you’re phenomenally lucky, he’ll just walk around aimlessly wondering what to do now. Giving him (or her) an important role is an even worse idea. I’ve figured all of this out from experience, unfortunately, so I’m not just spouting air πŸ˜›

    Anyhow, I could go on for pages about this, but I think you’ve figured out how I feel about this, so I won’t take up more space. (Speaking to the reader: If you haven’t, then you’re skipping ahead. Go read the last post and its comments, then come back. Or I’m just being my normal confusing self. Either way, you probably have no idea what’s going on. Sorry ’bout that.)

  2. Your first post made perfect sense, I got lost when you started explaining to people what they should do if they felt lost. Or something. Whatever, lol. πŸ˜›

    There is definitely a distinct difference between crossovers and mergers, and AE crossed that line with a very thick pen this last week.

  3. Well, Sepeulchure is in AQW too. It seems apparent that he’s a major villain or that AE are seriously running out of good ideas. I can’t say that his appearance in MQ makes any since, but I think this may have to do with the plot of AQW.

  4. alabamapitty said

    I have to say I agree. But you have to remember, DF and MQ have always been close. From the Leprechaun war, to the Reset, to the Shadowscythe. From AE’s standpoint, it might be a good idea to include Sepulchre. Who knows, we may look back and say, “Wow, AE did a good job putting Seppy in here!”, but it’s unlikely. But really, how else would we upgrade DOOM mechs without the Mysterious Stranger?

  5. @Chicken: AQWorlds is looking to be the culmination of AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest, so any main characters from AE’s previous games would make sense in that context. In MechQuest? Well, not so much.

    @Alabama: Yes, the games have always been close in terms of the way the games run and the engines work, but that is not what is being affected here. It’s the plot, storyline, and characters, which in both games are completely different. And to answer your last question (how to upgrade Doom mechs without the Mysterious Stranger): Simple, you don’t (in other words, you don’t include the Doom mechs in MechQuest).

    I actually could have discussed the Doom mechs in MechQuest and shown how once again a major aspect of DragonFable is suddenly implemented into MechQuest (saying how AdventureQuest has Ubers, DragonFable has Doom weapons, and MechQuest has House mechs) but I decided that I had already made my point. πŸ˜›

  6. alabamapitty said

    Well, MJ did already tell us there would be DOOM hamsters a long time ago. Oh and mecha, though I prefer the hamsters.

  7. Rayne said

    Actually, he just predicted them….But really, did we even need doom mechas in the first place? I mean, we haven’t got 35 levels in the Ghost Hunting job yet, and you could argue that they’re in the same category as doom mechas; not-quite-released-yet-but-still-mentioned-ingame. Unless, of course, that’s a typo *grins*

  8. To Peanut: (From the AQW design Notes)

    “So where does AQWorlds take place? Believe it or not… it takes place AFTER. Yes, that is right — it is the very first game where we are going forward in time! Well, sort of…. you did not really expect this to get simpler right? See, during the other games we splintered and fragmented the timelines (allowing us to get away with some amazingly huge plot holes.) But somewhere in between AQ and AQW there was an epic battle where You, Galanoth and his DragonSlayers encountered the faced the Dragon of time which ended… most unfavorably (and highly embarrassingly!) You where there… even if you do not know it (yet.)

    As a result of this battle the three timelines fused together… and now we exist in a current, single, true reality.”

    This might be part of the mentioned battle.

  9. alabamapitty said

    Is it just me, or is this the most discussed entry we have? πŸ˜‰

  10. ZamuelNow said

    It’s a tough call. Since I know that all three are in the same timeline and that there are an abundance of time paradoxes due to various events, it doesn’t bug me that much. I’m more bugged by the sheer existance of time paradoxes than the actual crossover. I see it as a pretty savvy business move on their part with the DOOM mecha though I’m never getting one (despite being a mecha collector).

  11. Zereldo said

    Well first of all THERE IS NO PROOF THAT THE DOOM LORD MECH IS SEPULCHRE. And just becuase he called fluffy to his aid and owned us does not make him sepulchre either.

    Anyway your getting all upset about AE adding characters from dragon fable to mechquest when they have plenty of characters like that already. Zorbakpresident of evilcorp known as MR.Z, also known as Zorbak the ebil necromancer. Dean warlic, Arch ,arch mage on AQ. Sys-zero is an ace fighter pilot as well as captian of a starship, cysero the mad weapon smith dude in falconreach.

    Really to me its no surprise that new characters like the mysterious stranger pop up in mech quest. Just to prove my point there is that one quest in the group of quests where you get the wind orb where you come across a hologram. This hologram asks if artix still slays the undead and asks about Cysero as well. All these similar names cannot be mere coincidences. Therefore even if that doomlord is sepulchre it makes perfect sense becuase he, like warlic, cysero and the rest of them were around before the reset.

    Also sepulchre is not the highest ranking villain in Dragonfable. If you have done the titan battle against fluffy you will know that even sepulchre has a master.

  12. @Zereldo: I think you misunderstood where I was going with this post. I have no problem with the main characters such as Artix, Cysero, Zorbak, etc. because they are main important character in every single AE game. The new characters in MechQuest (Sepulchure and the mysterious stranger) were obviously supposed to be DragonFable-unique characters, such as Tek, Admina, or Odessa Pureheart in MechQuest. Those characters mentioned were supposed to be aimed at the game they first appeared in, and those are the characters that really make the games different and unique. What Warlic and Co. did was take two of DragonFable’s most identifiable and unique characters and shoved them into the MechQuest spotlight, which is not okay.

  13. Rayne said

    @Zeraldo: Well first of all the Sepulchure T-shirt mecha looks exactly like the Doom Lord, and both even have a Giant Undead Dracolich attacking. Or at least I think the Sepulchure mecha does, I didn’t buy it so I wouldn’t know for sure. It really seems as if AE were trying to make certain we get the connection. That, and the war bossfight shows Sepulcher’s characteristic arrogance. Besides, if the Doom Lord didn’t at least exert influence over Fluffy, why wouldn’t he/she/it just become a late night snack, doom or no doom? There is no proof that Sepulchure, Drakath and Co. were around before the Reset, you’re right, but there is at least strong circumstantial evidence that Sepulchure might be, and that’s what we’re all so annoyed about.

    There is a big difference between characters that warrant a place in each game and game-specific characters. Like Peanut said, it’s roughly equivalent to putting Tek in DragonFable. Really, it comes down to something like this: Would you put a mage into a mecha cockpit and send him to fight Valoth? (Note: Mages that have shown proficiency in mecha piloting, i.e. House Runehawk, are automatically exempted from such stunts ;P)

  14. Amen, Rayne, amen. Could not’ve said it better myself. πŸ™‚

  15. subz said

    u made a good point wit the sepulcher thing, but the Mysterious Stranger comes out in Adventure Quest, so if it comes out in 2 out of 3, they might as well put him in Mechquest, now he is in all 3 games.

  16. redx125 said

    All of the games will eventually merge (i think) so it really doesn’t matter since DF’s where the action will probably be

  17. Seriyu said

    The Mysterious stranger was originally in AQ too, I think he’s more of a “villan” for every game. Kind’ve a sub villan, sort’ve.

    And AQ and DF only attempted a linking quest twice, and they don’t seem to be doing any of that for MQ for the most part. (Aside from that war, of course)

  18. RyGy said

    But I think that they are NOT IN THE SPOTLIGHT!!! They are just a little side quest. Most people don’t even know that he’s in DF. I only object to having to actually pay for a sepulchre like nova gems.

  19. Kangi said

    My biggest complaint, well if one could call it a complaint instead of a minor dishelvement of emotion is this. I do not like how AE is using the the cross overs as a Duex ex machina filler. I also do not like how they use the standard message of magic for every thing that happens. I do feel that if they are going to do a cross over, that they should do one in DF for MQ, where you actualy go into history on what actualy happened that led up to the great reset of time.

    As for the whole time line convergence in AQW, that I do not like either. If something catastrophic happened that caused an ELA in the past that drove a highly advanced civilization back into a stone age era, how can it exist along with the stone age civilization with out ELA ever happening in the first place?

  20. seariously it does make some sense that spelchure is in all of them easpecialy in MQ.It is saying the history of Lore and tells you that other heros have tried to stop him in the past, spelchures history.

  21. shadow lord said

    spelchure and the shadowscyth have always been close together in aqw he and his daughter both say long unlive the the shadowscyth in dragonfable one of the cutscenes has spelchure say somthing about the shadowscythe if he talks about them so much he should be in the shadowscyth’s main game LONG UN-LIVE THE SHADOWSCYTH

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