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Dragonfable September 12th Release Prediction

Posted by Chickencowlord on September 12, 2008

I know this ma be cutting it a little close. Heck, the release may be out by the time I finish this, but whatever. This week we are getting a ton of releases, but it’s just a large mass of small ones.

T-Shirt Armor

I really hate this idea. Pay about as much as it costs to upgrade in the games for a new look on the base class armor! There isn’t much to say about it really…

Gold Bonus Weekend

This is just the thing that we could use. After having MQ’s bonus xp weekend (and I believe AQ got a bonus too) it looked like they were neglecting DF bonuses. This will greatly help farming (assuming it isn’t a 1.2% boost that would really be useless like a boost in a certain Pirate vs Ninja war). And it should keep more players on over the weekend.

Nythera’s New Quest

Going by the first quest, this chain looks very promising. Lots of exploration and a gradually unveiling story line. I have high hopes. Not much about the details of the quest has been said, however.

Dragesvard: New Quest

I can only hope that with the developing story that the gameplay of these quests will get better as well. Besides that, there is not much to say.


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