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Dragonfable September 5th Release Analysis

Posted by Chickencowlord on September 9, 2008

Yeah, this is late. But I told you it would be :P. In this release we got a revamped Lymcrest and Boss as well as a new quest in the Dragesvard chain…

Gary (Dragesvard Quest)

This week in Dragesvard we finally got a new quest in which we search for the mysterious Ice Elves. As we are searching through the ruins, the Shimat Galanoth had starts to glow and reveals a secret doorway to the Ice Elf village. Travelling through the village, it looks deserted. When you finally get to some Ice Elves, they aren’t happy about your being there. Galanoth tells you to leave him behind and escape while you have the chance! You have to fight your way through a giant horde of Ice Elves to get out of there. There are a few DA-only rewards.

Review: I liked this better than any of the previous Dragesvard quests, but that isn’t saying much. The art for the Ice Elf town was simply gorgeous to me and it had some great story relevation as well. You learned much about Galanoth and his ways. And the cardboard cutout thing was pretty original and funny. The drops are okay to me. I actually had a surprisingly good time fighting the Ice Elves. They’re attack types are much more fun to watch than their polar bear and penguin counterparts. They have resistance to stun, like many enemies in this zone, and that adds a little strategy too. Overall, this was probably Dragesvard best storyline quest so far. Score: 8.0/10

Lymcrest Revamp and Boss

Lymcrest got an overhaul on Friday, which included a giant fire element. The fire element is unbeatable unless you equip the proper equipment, which caused lots of teamwork interaction on the forums.

Review: This was smaller than I had expected, and I don’t see any huge changes in the revamp. The boss was great for forum teamwork, but not that the items have been found the battle is a bit lackluster. Overall, this release was a pretty big disappointment for me, as I was really hoping for another floor to be released. Score: 5.5/10

Total Release Score: 6.75/10 There wasn’t anything general about the release to raise or lower this, and the Lymcrest really dragged the score down.


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