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Dragonfable September 5th, 2008 Release Prediction

Posted by Chickencowlord on September 4, 2008

Hey all, sorry that I don’t have the necro analysis up. I’ve been spending a bit too much time working on our forum and not enough on the blog itself. This release looks to be promising.


Lymcrest will finally get another addition! It is unclear how large it will be (it sounds as if it may even be finishing the entire chain). It sounds like there will be some nice stuff, and I’m one of the few who liked this chain, so I’m excited.

New Dragesvard Quest

A new quest in Galanoth’s chain. Nothing has been revealed. After the first two quests, my expectations are low. But I hope I’ll be wrong.


One Response to “Dragonfable September 5th, 2008 Release Prediction”

  1. Brytz said

    How are we suppose to defeat he new Lymcrest side boss.

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