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Stuff in Production

Posted by Chickencowlord on September 1, 2008

I and the other bloggers have lots of stuff planned. I’m going to give you everything DF-related, plus a big surprise I want to tell you about.

Okay, I mainly did this to announce the last thing, but I decided I’d list some stuff I’ll be adding soon too.

1. Necromancer Analysis – Coming TODAY Very, very soon! Sorry for the delay!

2. Other Class Analysises (if that is even a word :P) – Coming Within a few months

3. Guide to Titan fighting (as suggested by dorigo) – Coming In a few weeks or so

4. Comparing DF and MQ’s stats – Out within this week

5. Reviews of entire areas (for example, a review of every quest in Oaklore) – Coming, but likely not any time soon.

And, the biggest surprise of all….


I won’t tell you, I’ll just give you a hint:



I won’t say anymore, as Peanut will likely kill me for revealing this anyway.

*kills Chickencowlord for revealing crucial hint* -The Peanut Master

Was it really that crucial? I’ll bet nobody even knows what it is. t’s not like I just announced that we’re making a forum. Oops. ~Chickencowlord


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