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AQW-Helmets and Capes

Posted by mastabro on August 30, 2008

Recently in AQW Helmets and Capes were released. This is one of the more important releases of the game. The reason i say that is because it allows for further customization of your character. What’s also great about this release is that in the future you will be able to enchant the items and give them stats. Though how long till that happens I do not know but I know many of us hopes it will be soon. Now on to pets, I am not sure quite how it will work in a game that lags when too many people get in one room. (Like the times when thousands of people joined the same time). But if they can work it out with little to know lag I would see how it could lead to the Necromancer Class. Thats all till next week (or whenever the next release gets released). Battleon!


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